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Please note that due to the Covid19 situation the lochs are closed for fishing until further notice! Please do not travel to the area!
Thank you.

 Please visit our latest news site for important rule changes and other important information.

As of 12/06/16 we will no longer be hiring outboard engines. You may however bring your own if it is of 4hp or less. 

You can now purchase your fishing permit on the bank from our lochkeeper!

Loch keeper contact

Phone - 07853339370

Mob - 07853339370

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Anglers are reminded that permits for the fishing are also available from The Glen Cafe and Fishers in Penicuik.
Fishing guides/Casting instructors desirous of operating commercially on our lochs must apply to the club committee in the first instance. If we allow you to operate on our lochs you will be given a letter of consent which if asked you must display to any club member. Unqualified fishing guides/instructors will not be tolerated under any circumstances!


Welcome to the St Mary's Angling Club homepage.


St Mary's Loch and the Loch o' the Lowes are situated on the A708 between Selkirk and Moffat in the Scottish Borders. The main loch St Mary's is the largest body of water in the Borders at just over 3 miles long and ranges in depth to over 150ft deep and is half a mile across at its widest point.  St Marys has an area of 640 acres and the Loch o the Lowes an area of 100acres. See map below and Bathymetrical survey map. More detailed information can be had by clicking the link to the National Library of Scotland on the links page.

The following Information will help you get the most from your visit to these rugged and picturesque lochs. The lochs are around 800ft above sea level and the prevailing wind is South Westerly. The smaller of the two lochs is the Loch o' the Lowes, and the two are joined by a small river ( The Little Yarrow) which allows the passage of any fish that wishes to move. Please refer to the bathymetrical survey map (see links page) for more information.

Please see our notice board situated at the boathouse halfway up St Marys Loch for up to date developments or click our news link on this page.

PLease make our loch keeper the first choice for purchasing permits you will get the added bonus of insider knowledge relating to the fishing on the loch.


Other permit outlets










    10 John Street, Penicuik,

    EH26 8AD Tel: 01968 672877



 The Glen Cafe

Tel: 01750 42241
Fax: 0870 7653952






We offer excellent unspoiled fishing 365 days/year on both lochs for Brown Trout, Pike, Perch and Eels at very reasonable cost.  If you enjoy peace and tranquility in a beautiful setting then you really must come for a visit, there are no madding crowds here!


Click on the type of fishing you are interested in and the current prices are listed. In addition on St Marys 3 & 4 man boats may be hired. We also have one boat for hire on our smaller loch the Loch o the Lowes. We now offer outboard motors (petrol & electric) but you may bring your own (up to 4HP), you are now required to wear a lifejacket (supplied when you take charge of your boat).

 The Glen Cafe which in addition to excellent meals offers sweets and snacks. The cafe is also licensed to sell alcohol and often also have entertainments. Fishing permits are now available from the cafe, contact via our links page.

       Glen Cafe @ bottom of the Loch o the Lowes


 Public toilets are situated next to the Cafe .The nearest shops are situated in Selkirk and Moffat both are around 16 miles away.


If it's hotel accomodation, excellent food and drink in a convivial atmosphere that you are after then there is the Tibbie Shiels Inn at the head of St Mary's Loch where you will receive a warm welcome anytime. A campsite with facillities is available for those who prefer the outdoor style of living. 





 There are also several B&B establishments within a 10 mile radius of the lochs.

 Bivvys may be erected for overnight fishing, but please be considerate and respect the property of others. No large fires are allowed, you may have a SMALL fire for cooking purposes on the shingle banks of the lochs, fires on grassed areas and in close proximity to plantations are forbidden! Do NOT desecrate the trees in the area, in the intrests of safety this rule will be strictly enforced!

Please note that St Mary's Loch and the Loch o the Lowes are protected waters and a permit must be obtained prior to fishing.

 Please mention the website when booking. Thank you.


We are now able to accept bookings from clubs etc contact above.

For fishing information please mail or phone 07853339370







Please browse our site and see for yourself the huge untapped potential of our lochs.


Please check our news link for up to date developments and fishing reports.


GyrodactylusSalaris - Please familiarise yourself with the current precautions to be observed to prevent the introduction of this parasite. Click below to update yourself