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Grave Numbers & Plot Names Explained

For assistance in locating a grave or to look up a grave number please contact the office  or a member of the grounds staff. 

This page is about grave numbers and plot names of Private Graves for information about Public Graves please see here.

Grave Numbers Explained
Every grave at St Mary's Cemetery has a number; however they are in many different formats.

Some examples:         12 ABC   or    34x D          - Number & Plot Name
                                        56 R 7  SF                         - Number, Row Number & Plot Name
                                8910  or    1112x  or  1314 SN     - Straight Numbers

What does the x mean?
Some graves have x after the number as they are extra graves added after the plot had been numbered. It is important to distinguish this from the Plot Name; check the list of Plot Names below. 

        Number & Plot Name
These graves have a number followed by letters. The number is the grave number and the letters are an abbreviation of the plot name. See the list below to find the meaning of the plot name and the map for the location of the plot. 

        Number, Row Number & Plot Name
The newer plots have Row Numbers to make it easier to locate a grave. 
These are in the form:    grave number    R     row number     plot initials
               For example:             12              R           3                     SG 
                            This is grave number 12 in row 3 in St George's Plot.

All the plots with row numbers are named after saints and so the plot initials will start with S. These plots are lawn cemetery sections which means the graves are only allowed a fixed size of headstone (3' high x 2.5' wide) to keep the plot looking uniform and tidy.

St George's Plot is the newest of these plots and starts with Row 5 at the west end of the plot. The grave numbers run south to north so the first grave ( 1 R 5 SG) is in the south west corner of the plot, bottom left on the map. North of that grave is 2 R 5 SG, and east of that grave is 1 R 6 SG. 

St George's Plot has graves available for purchase. For more information about purchasing a grave contact the office

Straight Numbers
These are shown as just a number or a number followed by x or a number followed by SN.  
These graves are in the older section of the cemetery known as Straight Numbers. This is shown on the map as SN. These graves are in many different sections around the cemetery and can be quite tricky to locate. 

Numbers 7220 SN - 9085 SN were reclaimed by the cemetery in 1970, covered with 12' of fresh soil which is now used for the graves in St George's Plot (shown on map as SG). The affected SN graves  were not disturbed in any way. The cemetery will not reclaiming any other graves from the SN section in the near future.
Plot Names Explained
Every plot at St Mary's Cemetery has a name; the initials of which are shown on the cemetery map.
The list below gives the meaning of the plot names; some are not known.

A A - "A" Plot

B BS - Belgian Soldiers 

C CS - Canadian Soldiers 
    CL - Circle Lawn
    CLN - Circle Lawn New 
    CLNCR - Circle Lawn New CRemated (Ashes)
    CP - "C" Plot
    CR - CRemated (Ashes)
    CRCW - CRemated Chapel Wall (Ashes)
    CRPC - CRemated Polish Community (Ashes)
    CV - Chapel Vault (also known as Lower Catacombs)

D DF - Dominican Fathers (Clergy)

E East Wall 
   EF - ?
   EFA - EF "A" Extension of EF
   EFB - EF "B" Extension of EF
   EFN - EF New Extension of EF

F FP - Family Plot

G G Babies - G Plot Babies & Children Section
   GBM - Garden Beta Maria (The Blessed Virgin)
   GDN - Garden New 
   GDT - ?
   GDV - Garden Deus Vobiscum (God be with you)
   GDVA - Garden Deus Vobiscum "A" (God be with you) Extension of GDV
   GFL - Garden Flat Lux (Let there be light)
   GFLN - Garden Flat Lux New (Let there be light) Extension of GFL
   GK - ?
   GKN - GK New

H HI - Holy Innocents (Children & Babies)
   HIN - Holy Innocents New (Children & Babies)

L LC - Leghorn Convent (non-clergy but was originally owned but not used by a convent)
    Le G - Le Grove
    Lower Catacombs - catacombs below the chapel; access through the office

N NP - ?
    NR HILL - Near Hill
    NUNS - several convents 

O On Hill - assorted clergy 

P PAL FRS - Palletine Fathers (clergy)
    PRCC - Polish Community CRemated (Ashes)

R RS - Railway Sidings
    RS TCE - Railway Siding Terrace
    RSN - Railway Sidings New Extension of RS

S SA - St Anthony's Plot
    SB - St Bridget's Plot 
    SE - St Elizabeth's Plot 
    SG - St George's Plot 
    SGB - St George's Plot Babies (The children's section of St George's Plot)
    SI -  St Ignatius' Plot 
    SJ - St Jude's Plot  
    SL - St Luke's Plot 
    SM - St Michael's Plot 
    SN - Straight Numbers (See explanation above)
    SNN - Straight Numbers New (An extension of the Straight Numbers Plot; this is not shown on the map)
    SP - St Patrick's Plot
    SR - St Rita's Plot 
    SS - St Simon's Plot 

T TCE - Terrace
    TCR - Terrace Cremated (Ashes)

U UPPER CATACOMBS - Catacombs above ground next to the Chapel; for access ask office

W W - Wall Plot
    WF - White Fathers (mostly clergy)
    WFP - White Fathers Plot (non-clergy)

X XK - ?
    XKA - XK "A" Extension of XK
    XKN - XK New Extension of XK
    XP  - ?
    XP TCE - XP Terrace