This is the old and redundant website of St Mary's Catholic Cemetery. Please click the image below to visit the new website

This is the old and redundant website of St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Kensal Green, North West London. Please click the image above to be forwarded to the new website.

Established in 1858, the 29 acre (120,000 m²) site is next door to the much larger All Soul's Cemetery, also known as Kensal Green Cemetery, which also contains the West London Crematorium.

St Mary's Catholic Cemetery has been the final resting place of thousands of Catholic adults and children for over 150 years. The Cemetery is maintained by the grounds staff and has burials and ashes interments occurring on an almost daily basis. The Cemetery Chapel has many funerals and memorial services. 

New graves are available in our Cemetery in the area called St George's  and St Mary Magdalene.
Alternatively it is possible to re-open a family grave elsewhere in the Cemetery for burial or ashes interment. There are also Ashes-only spaces available in the CLNCR Plot.  For more information on any of these please contact the Cemetery Office.

Visitors to St Mary's Catholic Cemetery will see two noticeboards outside the chapel.


One notice refers to the Masses said in the cemetery's Catholic chapel during the year, and states briefly that revenue from the cemetery is for the invalided priests of the dioceses of Westminster, Arundel & Brighton, Brentwood, Portsmouth & Southwark who are members of the secular clergy common fund.

The other notice states the following: "The trustees of St Mary's Catholic Cemetery hereby give notice to all whom it may concern that the space remaining available in the cemetery for further interments is now severely restricted and that since the funds required for the maintenance of the cemetery derive only from existing graves the trustees have no alternative but to reduce the standard and the extent of the maintenance of the cemetery to a level consistent with the income at their disposal. Every effort will be made to maintain the pathways in the cemetery and to afford access to graves in respect of which rights of burial exist, but the trustees are unable to accept any further responsibility for cemetery maintenance beyond such as may arise from their legal obligations."