Re-Ordering June to December 2016 - Progress

  1. During the re-ordering work we will try to keep you up-to-date with progress. 

It's understandable that all those people who regard Saint Mary's as part of their heritage, and spiritual home, will be rightly concerned that the essence of the church is retained and respected.

Please be assured that the church management team are all working very closely with the contractors to ensure care is taken at every stage to make this a wonderful metamorphosis for the church.

As you will see from the pictures to follow, all the carvings have been covered over.The whole of the Chancel has been screened off to protect the organ and High Altar, and the floors have been covered to protect the Victorian tiles

The first stage of work to prepare for cleaning and decorating the Nave is nearing completion.

The Pews have been removed and the best parts kept to re-incorporate into the fabric of the restoration. 

The floor of Saint Georges chapel has been removed to allow it to be lowered allowing disabled access. The rest of the earth floor beneath where the pews were is being carefully mapped, cleared, and documented by an archaeologist before the exposed tops of burial sites, and ledger stones are re-covered by the new floor.

Some unidentifiable scattered bones left by the Victorians (1840's work) were found during clearing the site, these will be re-interred by the Rev. Trish Ollive ,our Vicar, with appropriate ceremony.

 All precious things safely gathered in the Chancel 

Organ and Chancel fully covered

South West Quarter floor and pews removed showing supporting woodwork

  Saint Georges Chapel  protection in place  


Kitchen and Swan Transept cleared

Woodworms eye view of work

Work begins to screen organ and Chancel 
Work underway removing Pews as seen from the Altar
West end nearly cleared

           Saint Georges Chapel inside looking out.
            (Don't get too excited about the "orbs" it's just dust)


       Pews stored in Swan Transept awaiting re-building



                  Nave floor excavated looking West