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May 7, 2017

posted May 9, 2017, 4:56 AM by Kurt Weber

Dear Parishioners, 

Thank you are two words not spoken enough in our times so I do not want to stand accused of being ungrateful. We have much to be grateful for in St. Mary’s. The recent celebration of Easter stands as a testament to so many involved in making our celebrations of these important days so uplifting. The liturgies themselves went off without incident because of the capable and dedicated ministries of so many individuals in the variety of ministries necessary. Our environment committee worked so hard to assure the décor added to the solemnity of the events.

Last weekend we watched as our First Communicants edified us all by their reverent reception of the Eucharist. Certainly that reflects the hard work and dedication of our Faith Formation teachers from both parishes giving of their time but more importantly of their love to our children. To the parents who were supportive of the process and are examples of faith for the children, many thanks.

Our Rosary Altar Society worked very hard during the recent semi-annual rummage sale and earned money that they donate to the parish for some projects to support the parish. In recent years they paid to have the Christmas crèche restored and looking so beautiful. It is hard work, yet they do it for the parish.

Our recent decision to sign a contract for the church air conditioning did not come without a great deal of effort on the part of our Building and Grounds Committee responding to what you, the parish decided as your first priority in the poll taken by Father Shaun. Our initial disappointment at projected costs almost eliminated this as a possibility but, with hard work and effort a financially feasible alternative was discovered.

The Finance Committee did their part as well in giving us the guidance of their professional backgrounds to determine what we were able to do in light of our financial situation.

One group often overlooked is our shut-ins. I have never been at a parish where the prayerful and supportive presence of those confined to their homes has provided that extra umph needed to bring a project to completion. No one should consider themselves unimportant or uninvolved. There is a place for everyone.

How are you involved? 

What gifts and talents do you have that can enhance the life of our parish? Time is a precious commodity and yet all these people have the same limitations on time that you have. What can I do for the life of this community? No committee is off limits to anyone wishing to share of themselves. I guarantee the more you give of yourself to any project the more that will mean to you. If you are on the periphery, I invite you to come and see. It is easy to stand on the sides and criticize but involvement teaches how much is involved in any project. I cannot handle St. Mary’s by myself and that will become ever more clear when I assume responsibility for St. Joseph’s as well. Jesus said it best, “Come and see”.

God bless, Fr. Tom M.