Message from

Jean Ernst, Principal
















Dear Parents, 

We trust that our policies and procedures, outlined in the Student-Parent handbook and also on this site, clarify expectations, promote consistency, and assist in the communication process between home and school.  Parents and students are encouraged to share, with the school’s faculty and administration, any concerns or recommendations that may arise. Input is also welcomed by the Education Commission, Finance Council, and Pastoral Council, as they are involved in reaching consensus on parish policies.  

Our faculty and staff are very conscious of the many sacrifices, present and past, made on behalf of St. Mary School. It is a privilege to witness the dedication of our pastor, faculty, staff, parents and many others who are committed to carrying out the mission of our school. We are dedicated to having our students integrate Catholic ideals into their decision-making and thus apply their faith to daily living, now and in the future. Self-discipline, mutual respect, orderliness, and a positive, friendly atmosphere are encouraged and nurtured within our school. 


Jean Ernst

St. Mary Administration