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A Life of Stewardship Stewardship Michael Short (419) 445-0592 shortml@gmail.com Team that helps members make use of their gifts from God A Life of Stewardship 
Altar Guild Worship Janet Wyse   Assists in worship service preparation  
Catechism Education Pastor Paul   Course of study for 7th and 8th grade students  
Chancel Choir Worship Steve Basselman  steveb@the-welcome-place.org Adult choir, performs during worship service  
Church Council Administration Rich Winzeler   oversees the life and activities of the Congregation, particularly its worship life, making certain that everything is done in accordance with the mission of the Congregation, the Word of God and the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (the “ELCA”).   
Endowment Team Administration Jim Wyse     
Finance Team Administration Diana Ziegler     
First Communion Education Pastor Paul   preparing young people to receive Holy Communion  
Friendship Circle Evangelism and Outreach Bridget Lovejoy     
F.R.O.G.s Youth Mark Weaver   Middle school age youth group  
Funeral Meal Team Worship Pat Basselman    provides meals for Funeral at the Church  
Funeral Visitation Nurture Cindy Heckel   provides food for Visitation at the Church  
Furniture Ministy Team Evangelism and Outreach Jerry Rohrs   Oversees pick up and delivery of furniture donations for Fulton and northern Henry County of OH. Warehouse is open non-holiday Saturdays from 8:00-8:30 am.  
Greeters Administration Phil Rupp   Welcomes all attending Worship Services  
Handbell Choir Worship Steve Basselman  steveb@the-welcome-place.org Adult Bell Choir and Youth Bell Choir  
Homebound Communion Worship Steve Basselman     
Knit Wits Evangelism and Outreach Sandie Spohler     
Luther League Youth Michael & Jessica Short (419) 445-0592 jessmomof4@gmail.com High school age youth group Luther League 
Mary Martha Circle Evangelism and Outreach Barb Poston   Meet each month for Bible Study and Fellowship  
Men's Tuesday Morning Bible Study Nurture John Poulson   Meet each week for Breakfast and Bible Study  
Mutual Ministry Team Administration      
Property Team Administration Bridget Lovejoy     
Shut-in Visitation Team Evangelism and Outreach Pat Basselman   Visit shut-in members of St. Martin's each month   
Sound Team Worship Bill Phleps     
Sunday School Education Jen Basselman   Oversees the Weekly Sunday School Education Ministry of St. Martin's  
SWAT Team Nurture Jane Sonnenberg   Calls and Sends card to members of St. Martin's who might need a lift or kind words of support  
Tape Ministry Worship Barb Poston   VCR tapes are taken to members who may not be able to attend Sunday Services  
Technology Team Administration Darren Sonnenberg   oversee the technological areas of the ministries of St. Martin's   
Ushers Worship Steve Basselman     
Vacation Bible School Education Jessica Gericke    Vacation Bible School 
Welcome Place Kids Evangelism and Outreach    Time for kids ages K-6th Grade to learn about God  
Welcome Place Library Education Amanda Durham     
Welcome Place Meal  Evangelism and Outreach Joyce Winzeler   A free community meal prepared every Wednesday  
Welcome Place Wednesday Adult Circle Evangelism and Outreach Cecily Rohrs (419) 267-5502  Adult Bible study on Wednesday evenings  
Welcome Place Youth Group Evangelism and Outreach Michael Short (419) 445-0592 shortml@gmail.com High school age youth group on Wednesday evenings  
Welcome Team Administration Bridget Lovejoy     
Women of the Church Evangelism and Outreach Brenda Shibler     
Women's Thursday Morning Bible Study Nurture Gwen Grisier     
Worship Music Team Worship Steve Basselman  steveb@the-welcome-place.org   
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