St.Maarten Caribbean Dutch Side

Sint Maarten


PHILLIPSBURG (CAPITAL of DUTCH Side)  The islands main port where huge cruise ships come in.  There's a beach with a modern boardwalk, stores, restaurants, casinos, jewelery stores, clothes, shoes and unique vendors in the streets.  Don't wander around this area at night!

MAHO Very festive & well lit.  Great in the day & in the evening.  This area is usually filled with tourists enjoying the vibe.  It's a small strip, but busy.  Here you'll find great restaurants, casinos, jewelery stores, various shops, hotels, night clubs & gentlemen clubs. 

SIMPSON BAY  Great Night life with a chain of cool bars & good food.

COLE BAY  Lagoon Mostly residential but this is where the action begins.  Here you'll find the cinema, Quick eats, The Marina. And the HEINEKEN BREWERY.

Cupe Coy  Many quality high rise hotels, Atlantis Casino.

RESTAURANTS:  Good variety.  5 Delicious restaurants to eat at in Maho. In Phillipsburg, mostly fast food, Chinese food, Indian food, Spanish food & Pizza.  2 mouth watering Italian restaurants in Cupe Coy by Atlantis Casino.  Simpson Bay mostly has bar/restaurants. 

LATE NIGHT EATS: Cappuchino Cafe in Simpson Bay is open 24hrs.  Very good food! Nice portions!  Gas station w/mini mart open 24 hrs. One in Simpson Bay and one in Cole Bay.  Shwarma (like a gyro) stands in Phillipsburg.  MMmm Very tasty!

NIGHT CLUBS:  BLISS where Maho & the Airport meet.  It overlooks the water and there's a good size dance floor.  The attire is from casual to dressy.  This club is packed on the week end in the high season (Dec-April).  Drinks are about $10 and if you arrive before 11pm you can also enjoy dinner there.  You can even take a dip in the pool!  Next we have Tantra in MAHO; an indoor club w/a good size dance floor playing all kinds of music.  Better drink prices can be found at Soggy Dollar Bar or the Alley in Simpson Bay.  Still don't want to sleep; then head over to NEXT in Maho it's a Real late party beginning at 3AM-Until...Dj plays house, electro & reggae music.  It's behind PLATINUM.

  LIVE MUSIC:  Sopranos in Maho (jazz), Tia Juana Yacht club in Simpson Bay/Cheri's Cafe/Maho, Red Piano (Jazz).


Location Phone
Atlantis Casino Cupecoy 545 4601
Beach Plaza Casino Philipsburg 542 ????
Casino Royale Maho 545 2115
Coliseum Philipsburg 543 2101
Diamond Casino
543 2583
Dolphin Casino Simpson Bay 545 3707
Golden Casino Great Bay Hotel 542 2446
Hollywood Casino Pelican Resort (Simpson Bay) 544 4463
Jump-Up Casino Philipsburg 542-0862
Paradise Casino & Sportsbook Simpson Bay 544 4723
Princess Casino Port de Plaisance (Cole Bay) 544 4311
Rouge et Noir Casino Philipsburg 542 2952
Tropicana Simpson Bay East 544 5654
Westin Hotel Dawn Beach 543 6700

Calling Procedure

Callers from outside of the NANP (country code +1) need to dial the international access code (often 00) followed by 1 721. Callers within most[clarification needed] of the NANP dial 1 + 721 + the local seven-digit number, effective September 30, 2011. Previously, they had to dial 011 + 599 + the local seven-digit number beginning with "5".

Previous code

The remaining portions of the former Netherlands Antilles (Curaçao and the Caribbean Netherlands) are retaining country code +599 for the present time. At this time, no known plans exist for these other islands to either join the NANP (country code +1) or adopt their own separate country codes.


BORDEL'S:  There's one in DEFIANCE

FAST FOOD:  McDonald's, Burger KIng, Subways, Dominos, KFC & Street Vendors.

GAS STATIONS:  Gas stations throughout Dutch Side.  There's a few open 24hrs & they have a mini-mart.


CLOTHING STORES: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m  Plenty of stores in Phillipsburg & Maho.  Few shops open on Sunday's.

ELECTRONIC STORES:  Phillipsburg, Cole Bay, Simpson Bay.


SUPERMARKETS:  Grand Marche (3) Cost-u-less (like Costco's/BJ"S) and there are a lot of Delis.

WESTERN UNION/DHL: Simpson Bay & Phillipsburg.

BANKS: In St. Maarten are open Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and then from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

POST OFFICE: The main post office on the island is located in Philipsburg on Cannegieter Street and can be reached by telephone at 599-542-2298 in St. Maarten. ... 8:30am-3:30pm

TENNIS:  Many of St. Maarten's resorts have tennis courts available for both day and night games. All are open to the public who make reservations in advance and pay an hourly fee. You can play on your own, or enjoy a game with the resort tennis pro. Lessons are also provided at many resorts so you can get started.........Tennis Anyone?

MINI GOLF: SPUTTERS in Cole bay, just after the cinema and before Simpson Bay.

CINEMA:  Caribbean Cinema's in Cole Bay and Domino's is open til 2am. (across the street).

WATER SPORTS/DIVING:  Jet ski, Kayak, Boat, Windsurfing, Boogy Boards, Banana Boats and there's this cool place in Simpson Bay RHINO SAFARI; they give guided fast moving inflatable boat rides in the marina.

SPORTING/SURF STORES:  Quicksilver, Cost-U-Less (it's like B-J's or Costco's), a few stores on Back st. in Phillipsburg.

PHARMACIES:  All throughout the island.

TRANSPORTATION:  Is better on Dutch Side, more taxi's & public buses. Also Hitching a ride is very common on both sides.  Travel in 2's; BE SAFE! Buses run from 6am-8pm. Fare is $1 to $2; depending how far your going.

WALKING: You can comfortably walk around Maho, Cole bay, Phillipsburg, Simpson bay.


Cupecoy Beach

A beach, most of the time, that sits in front of the Sapphire Club, Ocean Club and the Cupecoy beach club. On the far north west end is a clothing-optional area. There is public access to the beach just past the ocean club going west. A parking lot is provided and a path to the beach is available.  

Mullet Beach

Borders the golf course and is a long stretch of white sandy beach with easy access and plenty of shade for those fair skinned ones. Very popular with the the local people.

Maho Beach

A very popular beach by the Maho Plaza and airport. When the planes land, they fly right over it. Which brings up a few cautionary notes. Regardless of the others, when a big jet is landing, please stand to one side or the other side of the runway. It is not unusual for someone to get hurt when the jet thrust kicks up a small rock or pebble as well as blasting sand at those that are in the way.

Simpson Bay

A long sandy beach just south of the airport on the west end. The sand is soft and the waves are generally not too rough. Shade is limited.

Great Bay

A long stretch of beach in Phillipsburg that has been recently widened. Due to it's protected location, the water is generally very calm and wave action is small. Great place for the kids.

Dawn Beach

A wide stretch of beach where snorkeling is great and a dazzling offshore reef is a swim away.
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