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St Louis Mole Removal
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St Louis' Only Long Term Mole Removal!

St Louis' only Long Term Mole Pest Control. Treat the Soil with our Long Term Mole Removal, Trap your Moles or Combine our Trapping and Treatment Services for an All-Out approach to Mole Pest Control.

3 Choices in Mole Pest Control:
  • Long Term Mole Removal Soil Treatment: Treat the soil to help Drive Mole Out and keep them out long term. (See Prices)
  • Trapping: Suggested for small, isolated areas of infestation. (See Prices)
  • Combine Soil Treatment and Trapping together: For an All-Out Assault on Mole Infestation (Save $100).
  • Soil Treatment Prices
  • Trapping Prices
  • How Do We Remove Moles.
  • How to Maintain a Mole Free Lawn.
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  • Have Voles? See Prices.