In 2017, the STL Shaolin Kung Fu & Arts school has started a successful performing arts program - a collaboration with local talented artists, from which stemmed an 1-hour show performed at various venues, such as high schools, colleges, and theaters.  

The program's mission is to form partnerships with local talented artists of various ages and backgrounds through organizing shows and performances by blending their skills with ours. Many members of our crew are students. 
~     For setup, we only require a stage and sound hook-ups. Lights effects would            be preferable but not required. If the venue has a piano, that would be                       
fantastic as we have an act involving playing the piano.
 ~     We have a professional crew that is flexible to meet your needs, so if you want more (or less) of one particular art form, we'll make sure we deliver.
 ~ The show is a beautiful and artistic tapestry of kung fu, music, dance, and acting. It is appropriate for all ages and it could totally be a family event.

"Shaolin: Light & Dark" is the program's first show and it rocked St. Louis with its success. It is a beautiful tapestry of kung fu, acting, piano, and dance. If interested in hosting this show, please don't hesitate to reach us in the Contacts page. 
The trailer for this show is available below:

A short video of one of the actual performances can be accessed below: