Kung Fu Classes

Shifu Xing Xue personally teaches:
  • Shaolin Kung Fu (fists, three-section stick, nine-section whip, long staff, broad sword, double hook) 
  • Qin Na (grappling, jointlocking),
  • Shuai Da (takedowns)
  • Tai chi
  • Qi gong  
Classes are available to adults and kids over 4 years of age. New students receive special instructions during class.   Private lessons & family classes are available  upon request.
Class Levels
Shifu will personally assign you the class level that is right for you.

Kids  Beginner                                  Kids Intermediate*                  Youth Beginner    Youth Intermediate                        Youth Advanced*                    
Adult - (ages over 18)
*Shifu's approval is required to enroll at this class level
New Students
Beginners classes are open to all levels. Anyone over 4 years of age is welcome. First trial class is free. Wear t-shirt, long workout pants & thin-sole sneakers (to allow free lateral movement) . Uniforms available for purchase once ready to enroll.
Fees are paid per semester and are subject to change. Please inquire with shifu about current class prices. 


Try your 1st Kung Fu/Tai Chi class for free TODAY!

Kung Fu & Taichi Class Schedule
We update class schedules regularly. Please check with Shifu for updates as only major changes are announced via email or on the website. If you make up a class by coming on a day you don't regularly attend, please let Shifu know in advance.

There are no classes on Monday!
 Day/TimeWed Th  FriSat  Sun
10-11 am    Tai chi 
 Tai chi

11-12 am     Youth Adv Youth Interm
12-1 pm      Adult Kung Fu Adult Kung Fu
1-2 pm    Lunch

2-3 pm Private  PrivatePrivate Private
 3-4 pm  Private Kids Beg KidsBeg
 4-5 pm  Kids
 Kids Interm
5-6 pm Kids Kids Kids
Kids Advanced  Kids Advanced
6-7 pm Kids Youth  Youth
  Private Group Class
 7-8 pm Adult Kung Fu AdultPrivate