Chinese Lessons

FREE TRIAL! Try out our NEW Chinese class and you'll love it! Our Chinese classes are designed to be practical, fun, and easy to learn for the students, and convenient for the parents. Most classes include practical everyday conversation, themed vocabulary, and calligraphy exercise. We also introduce vocabulary, grammar, and literature into the curriculum through the form of rhymes, poetry, and short textbook stories.

Weekly Chinese Classes Schedule

Sat 3-4 pm (level 1) 4-5 pm (level 2) 5-6 pm (level 0) with Mr. Cao Yuan

Sun 3-4 pm (level 1) 4-5 pm (level 2) 5-6 pm (level 0) with Ms. Wang Xing Yue

Please email us at before attending a trial class.

What's special about our Chinese classes?

  • Specially designed curriculum combines multiple teaching systems to include phonetics, everyday conversations, vocabulary, and calligraphy since the first lesson. Tang dynasty poetry is taught further into the curriculum.
  • Themed modular course structures benefits drop-in students and advanced students to expand vocabulary and improve speaking ability
  • High teacher-to-student ratio, small class setting, personalized learning environment
  • Emphasis on in-class drills for natural pronunciation and fluent speaking ability
  • Calligraphy exercise since lesson one while building vocabulary
  • Homework is assigned
  • No class is too basic as we will expand fundamental materials for advanced students. A more advanced student who already knows the character for "one" [yi] will expand vocabulary including this character, such as "a little bit" [yi diar], "a little while" [yi huir], "one piece of" [yi ge], "January" [yi yue], "Monday" [ xing qi yi], etc.