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St. Louis Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics Retreat

(St. Louis BEES)

September 24, 2011

Tyson Research Center of Washington University




0745  Bagels and coffee; signing in; setting up posters and talks


First morning session

Moderator: Bob Ricklefs

0900  Barbara Schaal (WUStl): Welcome

0905  Bob Ricklefs UMSL): Introduction

0915  Patty Parker (UMSL): Pathogens of Galapagos birds

Moderator: Patty Parker

0930  Matt J. Michel, Huichen Chien, Collin E. Beachum, Micah G. Bennett, Jason H. Knouft (SLU): Climate change, hydrology, and fish morphology: predictions using phenotype-environment associations

0945  Jonathan A. Myers, Jonathan M. Chase, Iván Jiménez, Peter M. Jørgensen,  Alejandro Araujo, Narel Paniagua, Renate Seidel (WUStl): Disentangling regional, environmental, and spatial influences on beta-diversity in temperate and tropical forests

1000  Mauricio Diazgranados, Janet C. Barber (SLU): Phylogenetic and biogeographic relationships within the endemic subtribe Espeletiinae Cuatrec. (Asteraceae) of the South American páramos: preliminary results

1015  Bruce Carlson (WUStl): Brain evolution triggers increased diversification of electric fishes


1030  Coffee and posters


Second morning session

Moderator: Iván Jiménez

1100  Peter M. Jørgenson (MOBot): Tropicos® beyond taxonomy

1115  Brad Oberle (UMSL): Seeing the forest for the fungi: plant traits and decomposition rates under changing climate

1130  J. Sebastían Tello, Richard D. Stevens and María Mercedes Gavilanez (MOBot): The role of mid-domain effects on geographic gradients in biodiversity: Phylogenetic, functional, and phenetic perspectives

1145  Diego Salazar (UMSL): Large scale latitudinal changes in herbivore pressure on two widely distributed neotropical Piper species


1200  Lunch break and posters; walks in the woods, weather permitting


1330  Put up second poster session


Afternoon session

Moderator: Tiffany Knight

1400  Thomas J. Valone, Ginger R.H. Allington, and Michele R. Schutzenhofer (SLU): Biotic resistance, niche opportunities, and the reorganization of an annual plant community by an exotic invader

1415  Nicholas Kooyers and Ken Olsen (WUStl): Investigating mechanisms of recurrent cyanogenesis cline formation in introduced populations of white clover (Trifolium repens)

1430  Li-Bing Zhang (MOBot): Cave speciation

1445  Matt Estep (UMSL): Phylogeny and Genome Evolution in the Andropogoneae (Poaceae)

1500  Kevin G. Smith, Karen R. Lips, Alison G. Boyer (WUStl): Re-evaluating the relationship between geographic rarity and extinction probability

Moderator: Amy Zanne

1515  Round table discussion: ways to improve communication and collaboration within the community


1530  Coffee and posters


Keynote address

Moderator: Bob Ricklefs

1600  Jonathan Losos (Harvard University): Lizards in an evolutionary tree: ecology and adaptive radiation of anoles


1700  Happy hour and posters

1800  Dinner