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Event information

The fall retreat will be held at the Tyson Research Center (http://www.tyson.wustl.edu/) of Washington University in Eureka, MO on 24 September.

Directions: From St. Louis, Take Interstate 44 West to Exit 269 (Antire Rd./Beaumont).  At the exit continue straight through the stop sign then take your first right.  After entering the gate, continue on the main paved road for about 1.4 miles, then turn right toward the brown cedar buildings. The LLC is the second building on the left. For more information and a map follow this link (http://tyson.wustl.edu/contact.php).

Arrival and Parking: The wolf sanctuary will also be holding an event that day, beginning at 9 am. Please plan to arrive early (well before the 9 am start time of our retreat) to avoid delays due to traffic. We will have coffee and bagels for you while you sign in. The retreat will be held at the Living Learning Center (LLC) next to the main Tyson Headquarters. Parking will be near the headquarters and up to the lab space. If you can, try to carpool. Make sure to tell people that you are part of the BEES fall retreat so that they can direct you towards the headquarters and parking.

Tours: We will have a 2 hr lunch break to give you time to chat with friends and colleagues. At this time, we will also offer a series of tours around Tyson of the different projects and taxa (e.g., birds, wolves). Make sure to bring binoculars! Tour leaders will include Kevin Smith, Brad Oberle, Bob Marquis, Jonathan Myers, and more! 

Talks: We will have a PC in the seminar room for the talks. Please bring your presentation on a thumb drive and plan to load it during a break ahead of your talk time. For presentations assembled on Macs, make sure it is compatible with a PC platform.

We will have 2 poster sessions during the day. Anyone with first author family names in the first half of the alphabet (Allington - Mayden) are in group A and anyone with
with first author family names in the second half of the alphabet (Miller - Zapata) are in group B. Group A posters will be available for viewing in the morning with the dedicated poster session at 10:30 (take down over lunch). Group B posters will be available for viewing in the afternoon (set up by 13:30) with the dedicated poster sessions at 15:30 and again at 17:00.  If space is available, feel free to rehang group A posters for the 17:00 poster session time. Please make sure to hang up, take down, and stand somewhere near your poster during the allotted time.