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Fall retreat

Welcome to the BEES 2011 fall retreat website. The event will be held at Tyson Research Center on 24 September. This is our first (at least in awhile) retreat to bring together researchers across institutions in the St. Louis area. We have a great line up of speakers and posters, and plenty of time for catching up with old friends and meeting new friends. For more information about the retreat, please click on the links below. If you have any questions, please email Amy Zanne (aezanne@gmail.com) or Bob Ricklefs (ricklefs@umsl.edu).

Each institution has its own local organizers. For questions within your institution, please contact (and thank)!
Missouri Botanical Gardens:  Iván Jiménez
St. Louis University: Jason Knouft
St. Louis Zoo: Eric Miller
Tyson Research Center: Kevin Smith
University of Missouri - St. Louis: Bob Ricklefs & Amy Zanne
Washington University: Tiffany Knight