Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche 

Jesus appeared to her while she was in adoration, saying: "I will give you the souls of priests."
"Nineteen centuries ago, twelve men changed the world; they were not merely men, but they were priests. 
Now, once more twelve priests could change the world… but they must be holy."

Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche lived from 1868-1915. She entered the Visitation convent in 1890 at Romans, France and is the artist of the Picture of Jesus Merciful painting, which she transcribed after an interior vision. She wrote her Autobiography from 1904-1905 as ordered by Father Alfred Charrier, her spiritual director. She was named superior of her convent two years later and retained the position until 1913. In 1914, Advised by the Congregation for Religious in Rome, she founded a new religious community in Vische (TO), which had as its purpose prayer and self-sacrifice for the Church and the priesthood.  Mother Louise Claret is the author of  The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood. She died in Vische on the fourteenth of May, 1915.

On June 26, 2006 Pope Benedict XVI approved the decree of heroic virtue of the Servant of God, Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche, presented by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Picture of Jesus Merciful painting

Over the course of many years, Jesus prepared the Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche for her apostolate for the renewal of the priesthood. The Lord appeared to her on June 5, 1902, while she was in adoration: “Praying to him for our little novitiate, I asked him to give me some souls I might form for him. He replied: ‘I will give you the souls of men.’ Being profoundly astonished by these words, the sense of which I did not understand, I remained silent…until Jesus said: ‘I will give you the souls of priests.’ Still more astonished I asked him: ‘My Jesus how will you do that?’ …Then he showed me that he has a special work to do, which is to enkindle the fire of love again in the world, and that he wishes to make use of his priests to accomplish it. ” He said to me: ‘Nineteen centuries ago, twelve men changed the world; they were not merely men, but they were priests.  Now, once more twelve priests could change the world…but they must be holy.’” Subsequently, the Lord let Louise Margaret see the outcome of the Work. “It is a special union of priests, a Work, which encompasses the whole world. … Priests who will form part of this work will undertake, among other things, to preach Infinite Love and mercy, but first his heart must be penetrated by Jesus and enlightened by his spirit of love. They must be united among themselves, having but one heart and one soul, and never impeding one another in their activities.”

Louise Margaret wrote so impressively about the priesthood in her book “The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood”, that priests believed the anonymous writer to be a fellow priest. A Jesuit even exclaimed, “I do not know who wrote this book, but one thing I do know, it is not the work of a woman!” 

From "Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity (2007)," Congregation for the Clergy

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