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Meeting 19

May 24, 2012

Jessica Kerr
State Your Intentions
That “Hello, World” Android application isn’t very interesting until
it can look up a contact, take a picture, and put it on a map. The
platform provides all this and more, but the details are buried in a
mountain of Javadocs. All these tools are yours to command once you
know Android’s message-passing language: Intents. In this session,
we’ll explore what we can display, store, choose, launch, or dial.
Code examples reveal the secret language of action, data, category,
and trigger. Tell Android exactly what you want, and it will do some
great work for you.

Brian Slawin is a mobile/social, infinitely scalable web app that puts a tradeshow or business conference inside any smartphone or tablet.  By providing real-time access to actionable information, helps every event attendee connect with the people, products and information that they’re interested in. With nothing to download or install, is usable by any internet accessible device, without the need for a persistent internet connection. is being developed and extended using a series of 14-21 day SCRUM cycles for Phase 1 (MVP) and is a 3-tier Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution using SQL, HTML5 and JQuery along with DotNetNuke for its CMS capabilities. To enhance scalability, manage costs and assure availability, is cloud hosted (Azure) and will have just completed its GOLD roll out at an event for 4,000 attendees in Las Vegas.