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Meeting 18

March 22, 2012

Mark Sawyier

Mark Schisler
Software's New Old Idea, Code Sharing:
How strategic use of the Android NDK can decrease development time and improve cross-platform code quality.

Many Android development projects share quite a deal of logic with their iOS counterparts.  While platforms like Lua's Ansca Corona or Mono's Unity attempt to solve this problem with a hammer, the fact remains that most iOS projects are written in Objective-C, using X-Code, while most Android projects are written in Dalvik's flavor of Java using Eclipse.  In this talk, Mark Schisler will turn the clock back to 1990, a time when object-oriented programming's last best hope was C++.  Mark will demystify the Android NDK, and some of the finer points of working with Android's JNI, and the Android Make system. He will also direct you to his github page where he will reveal code samples that make compiling Core Foundation for Android, boost, and the standard template library for both Android and iOS a cinch.