Maquis Characters

The leaders:
Alex Croft - Head of the organisation at present
Yeoman Janice - Croft's Secretary

Cooper - Head of Intelligence
Q'Etan Meyna - Assistant in charge of sleeper cells
Carter Jones - Intelligence
X'TAr - Intelligence

Captain Mark Thorne - Chief of Special Operations and Commander of the MSS Trident
Commander Callum Suter - MSS Trident
Vas - MSS Trident
Alexa - MSS Trident
Ensign Lois MacDonald - MSS Trident
Telar - MSS Trident

Talia Blackthorn - Captain of the MSS Endurance

Civilian Sympathisers and those under Maquis Protection:
John Samuels- Starship builder and inventor
David Samuels - Dominion War Survivor
Theros Fier - Lis's huband
Theros Rosi - their daughter (age 1)
Theros Oren - their son (age 3)
David and Carolyn Blake - Sympathisers living on earth; David Blake is an admissions officer for Starfleet Academy
Methos Sh'ra - Torros III survivor, currently on Earth studying to be a doctor at Starfleet Medical

Others with tenuous links:
Greg Douglas - Witness Protection contact for Rob and Sh'ra