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Teros Kyr

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: 31


Teros Kyr was born on Torros III.  Along with his brother Teros Reyu, Kyr tried to carve out a life on Torros III after most of the Bajoran slaves there were killed in retribution for rebelling during the Occupation.  On Torros III, he met and fell in love with Aarian Zara, sparking a tumultuous relationship lasting sixteen rocky years.

In 2373, after all but a handful of their group fell victim to systematic genocide at the hands of the Cardassians, Kyr was sent to Bajor on a smuggling vessel in order to get help.  When he arrived, he was turned away and his story was silenced.  Kyr was taken in by Vedek Maloran and became a prylar.  In his absence, Reyu was killed on Torros III, and the others finally made their way to Bajor.

Unlike the other survivors of Torros III, Kyr benefited from the nurturing upbringing of the monastery, finding his "place" there.  While his compatriots were processed and scattered, Kyr set down roots on Bajor.  His deep faith is a constant arguing point between himself and Zara.  Reluctantly, Kyr agreed to pass messages for the Maquis at the behest of Meyna in the interest of finding the four (now three) missing Torros III children Bajoran Intel has hidden from the group.

Most recently, Kyr has been forced to flee Bajor because of emergence of the Rakantha Accord.