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Mission Synopsis

Latest Mission: "Murder on Romulus"

    Having successfully crossed the neutral zone, the crew of the Rhode Island have transported Ambassador Hill to Romulus to begin his tenure as the Federation's Ambassador to the Romulan Star Empire. Pursuing a Maquis bomber in called Xetos Keta, a Cardassian Police Inspector called Du'Brecht has hitched a ride onboard. Du'Brecht seeks Romulan assistance in apprehending the Maquis assassin.   

    Praetor Chulan, in typical Romulan fashion, plays a dangerous game of chess. He invited the crew of the Rhode Island to a lavish welcoming ceremony, to celebrate the installation of the Federation's new Ambassador, or so they thought. As it turns out, the guests of honour were the senior staff of the newly revamped Maquis terrorist group, there to cement an alliance with the Romulan star empire and to have the colonies recognised as a separate emerging nation. 

    The Ambassador is found murdered in a side room during the ceremony....

Next Mission: "Reeves"

    During the previous episode, Counsellor Samantha Nichols was kidnapped by her the psychopath known as Peter Reeves. Now trapped on an unknown world and reunited with her long lost daughter Sam awaits rescue.