Legacy Wiki

People of note: 
  • On board the Rhode Island: 
Kelana: Native of the planet Doran, she is a civilian scientist on board the Rhode Island

Dr. Elizabeth Groves, a civilian scientist on board the Rhode Island

Simon Kavil, civilian scientist on board the Rhode Island

Ensign Wade - Security on the Rhode Island

Crewman Alberts - Helm on the Rhode Island

Teros Kyr  - currently on the run from his monastery on Bajor due to the implications of the Rankatha Accord possibly coming out into full view in the near future.

  • Federation and Starfleet noteables
President Wilson - president of the Federation 

Ambassador Michael Hill - Federation ambassador to Romulus, murdered.

Admiral Jim Greyson - the Admiral Captain Luke McPherson reports to

Greg Douglas - Witness Protection contact 

  • Cardassians
Du'Brecht - Cardassian specialist in counter-terrorism

Paro - Obsidian order analyst working with Du'Brecht

  • Romulans
Praetor Chulan  - Leader of the Romulan senate

Zarcari - ex Tal'Shiar agent, currently a free agent

Torros III: A planet in Cardassian space where there was a slave camp and shipyard. Aarian Zara, along with many others, grew up here. 

Bartai: A planet in Romulan space frequented by holidaymakers. Reeves chose this planet to set up his home base on in the quadrant. 

Maquis held worlds: 
Adlers Rest
Brooker's Paradise
Gypsy's Retreat
Minos Korva
Sektlik III