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Rankatha Accord (The Aarian Zara Saga Continues): At the end of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, the Cardassians (with the help of the Federation) struck a bargain of peace.  In exchange for leaving Bajor, the Cardassians were granted, among other things, undisputed ownership of one million Bajorans they had taken for slave labor in Cardassian space.  Nine Bajoran survivors of systematic genocide on the world they were being kept finally limp their way to Bajor after many years.  All are children.  All are processed and half are "disappeared" by Bajoran Intel.  The rest spend the next fourteen years trying to find the missing - not knowing anything about the Accord.  Aarian Zara was sent to infiltrate Starfleet to see if Federation resources could be used to locate the children.  Her mission, along with the others', was largely unsuccessful.  Now, the Rakantha Accord has surfaced via the hands of Maquis friends, and Zara must decide where her loyalties lie - with the Federation or with the Maquis.

The situation is made more complicated when Teros Kyr flees Bajor on Q'Etan Meyna's orders, but instead of joining the Maquis as Meyna has in mind, Kyr heads for Romulan space and the Rhode Island. Asking for asylum and giving Captain Luke McPherson the Accord, Kyr has stirred up trouble just as Sam is rescued from Reeves. 

Reeves: Peter Reeves is an ex-Starfleet criminal who was captured with the help of Samantha Nichols. During his stay in prison, he became fixated on her and developed an obsession to the point where he broke out and faked his own death in an effort to get to her. After capturing and assaulting her on board a space station, he fled. Samantha later found out she was pregnant from the assault. She gave birth to a daughter, Christy, and when Christ was a year old, they were separated when the space station they were living on exploded. Reeves took advantage of the confusion to kidnap Christy and fled to the Beta quadrant. Samantha arranged to get assigned to the USS Rhode Island, which was going to the Beta quadrant on a mission of exploration at the invitation of the Romulan Star Empire. Reeves took a contract out with an Romulan woman to kidnap Samantha and bring her to him, telling everyone that Samantha was brainwashed by Starfleet and that they were husband and wife. 

Samantha was captured at the diplomatic soiree and is currently being held prisoner by Reeves on a planet near Romulus. He is using various techniques to brainwash Sam into staying with him voluntarily. One involves asking Keta, who appeared on the planet recently looking for a Cardassian. Reeves helped her find where the Cardassian was living, and in return Keta helped him by telling Sam all about Torros III. Sam's friends have come to the rescue, but is she strong enough to recover from the mental beating she has taken? 

Back safely on board the Rhode Island, she gravitates toward Teros Kyr, who in addition to being a monk is also a trained psychologist. He offers to help her with her problems, and although she trusts her traumatic secrets to Trish and Doctor Anna Winters, she mainly works with Kyr in a professional way to help her get through the nightmares she's having trouble with. 

Murder on Romulus: Ambassador Hill has been found murdered during a diplomatic soiree in the King's Palace on Romulus to celebrate his being assigned as Ambassador to the Star Empire for the Federation. DNA evidence has been placed to implicate Lt. Trish Piper, chief of ops on the Rhode Island, in the murder. Trish has a history with the Ambassador; she was a very young child with Starfleet parents on board the USS Tolkien where Hill served as a science officer. The Tolkien was attacked by Orion pirates and Trish was one of only a dozen survivors. Gradually, the rest of the survivors have met with deadly accidents, leaving Trish and Hill the only survivors of the attack of the Tolkien. 

Trish is cleared, although exactly what happened to convince the Romulans that she was not guilty of murder is still uncertain. The Rhode Island has left Romulan space for their exploration further out, and none of the crew seems eager to return and find out what has happened to the ambassador, leaving that problem for others.