CHAOS ALUMNI….in their own words


Emily Crane– University of Missouri

I am so glad I was given the opportunity to play for St. Louis Chaos. I always wanted to be part of a team where all players and coaches had the same goals and desire to be the best, and it was unbelievable! The Chaos organization enabled me to enhance my skill level and compete at the highest level in ASA Gold, which is exactly where I wanted to be. Being a part of this team allowed me to meet so many wonderful people that I have made lifelong friendships with, and to me, that is very important when it comes to having a successful team.  Everyone must get along when you're on the field and that's something I didn't have to worry about. Playing as a team is what the St. Louis Chaos was about. The kind, generous people I met through the Chaos will forever hold a special spot in my heart. They were like family. Their support and encouragement to be the best athlete and person I could be were amazing. The St. Louis Chaos also made my recruiting process fun and exciting. They opened many avenues for me and helped me find the best fit. I am truly grateful for all the coaching staff and organization have done for me. Playing for the St. Louis Chaos was a remarkable experience that will never be forgotten!!!


Courtney Conley– University of Alabama

  • The St. Louis Chaos is the “college prep” of softball. Every single day at Alabama, I ‘live’ the skills that Barb and Bob engraved in me. I am ‘living’ the skills of the game, but the intangibles that I have learned are what helped me grow into the person I am today. None of this would have been possible without the sport of softball.
    Softball should be played with the utmost passion and respect. It’s hard to fail when you surround yourself with the best coaches, players, and family in the entire country; it’s hard to fail when you play because there is a deep fire in your heart.
    The St. Louis Chaos makes it easy to play for all the right reasons. While pushing you to be your best you have the time of your life with your teammates that are like family. I will never lose sight of the Chaos tradition: Be classy, be selfless, be respectful and respected, hustle, push yourself to be your best, and play for the love of the game.


Madysen Wilton - Murray State University

  • I played for the Chaos for 10 years of my life. I started out as a little scrawny 8 year old who knew merely nothing about the game, and in my 10 years developed into a Division 1 softball player with an incredible amount of knowledge about the game. Not only did the Chaos teach me to become a talented and classy softball player, but also a well-rounded person. The Chaos was never just a softball organization to me, but a family. I formed life long friendships and knew at any moment that every player on my team and every fan supported us 100% no matter how the games were going. I can truly say that playing for the St. Louis Chaos organization and Barb and Bob Furrer was an experience that one can only dream of. I was blessed to be a part of something so great.

Maggie Ruckenbrod - University of Louisville

I played under the Chaos organization for 10 years. I cannot begin to describe how much I appreciate what all my coaches gave up for my teammates and me to develop us as great ball players and also respectful young women. To me the Chaos means so much more than elite softball. It is dedication, passion, and most of all it has been a family for me and still is. Aside from that, the coaches pushed me to be better all the time and expected the best. I am so grateful for the encouragement to play in college and the connections to endless college coaching staffs around the country that helped me go to a D1 school and play. Everything the Chaos teaches allows players to be unique yet disciplined and that is what's behind our winning tradition.


Sara Davison - Iowa State University

The Chaos family has meant the world to me. I can honestly say I have gained the truest friendships with my teammates. These friendships continue to be the strongest relationships in my life. The bonds between the teammates and families and coaches are unmatched.  In this organization we all genuinely care about each other and our futures. I think that is why we were so successful as a team in getting scholarships. The coaches care for us like their kids and want nothing from us other than to see us succeed as young women. When I was younger I could have been written off and cut from the team because I was behind.the learning curve for so long. But the Chaos didn't give up on me and now I am living out my dreams.  I couldn't be prouder to come from the Chaos.

Amanda Geile - University of Arkansas

Even though I was only apart of the Chaos Organization for a few years, I consider everyone that was apart of my experience a second family to me. The dedication and desire from all of my coaches and teammates is what made everything worth it. The coaches made sure that every practice, every game and even every day my teammates and I became better softball players and better individuals. It was comforting to know that through my college hunt I had my coaches and teammates to fall back on for advice and support. I can't tell you what it meant to be apart of a group of individuals that shared the will to win and the love of the game of softball. The Chaos Organization is based on heart, dedication, desire and friendships that are the foundation behind the winning tradition.