Question to ask during an unofficial visit


1.      Based upon your daughter’s major.  Ask the following questions:

a.       Make sure University offers her major and then ask specific questions about the success of that program, i.e., the job opportunities available for graduates in that field from that school; who do they partner with in that field (like if it is accounting - do they have an intern program with KPMG for example) or if it is education - do they have student teacher arrangements with schools in the St. Louis area or do they have to do their student teaching in the same geographic area as the university.


2.      What is the typical day like for your student athletes during the season?


3.      What is the winter schedule?

a.       Do they get to use the facilities for student athletes on the off season of softball?

b.      Number of practice/workout hours per week?

c.        What hours of the day?

d.       Does everyone work out together or in groups?

e.        Is there additional practice time for pitchers and catchers?

f.        Does the softball team have their own strength and conditioning coach


4.      Do the players have to make their own arrangements with their professors regarding missing time for travel and games? 

a.       How well does the academic community cooperate with athletes missing time for games?

5.      What do you do to academically support your players? (Tutors, study hall requirements, staff, class load)

a.       Does the softball team have their own academic counselor or is it shared with other sports?

b.      Do you schedule regular team study halls?

c.       Do you have separate academic requirements for team members versus the university or NCAA requirements?

6.      What is the average credit load for your student athletes during spring semester?



7.      Are all the softball players housed in the same building/dorm?

a.        In their freshman year are the softball players placed with another softball player or an athlete from another sport?


8.      How many girls do you carry on the roster?

a.       How many of those girls travel with the team for "away" games?

9.      I know you have a list of potential recruits for my class. Where do you see me on that list?


10.  Have you offered scholarships to others in my class?


11.  What is the length of time for an athletic scholarship and do you commit to each player that you will honor their scholarship for the entire period or is there a yearly review?

a.       Have you ever taken away an athletes scholarship and if yes, the reason?