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Recruiting Tips for Parents/Players
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Motto:  Getting recruited is the responsibility of the player and parent.  Your efforts will impact the outcome.

1.       Most important thing you can do is attend camps for the colleges your player is interested in!!!!!  Many college coaches say they pick their recruits based upon players that attend their camps!!!

When you go to a the following:

-          After you sign up e-mail coach to let them know you are coming

-          Ask your club coach or high school coach to call college coach and let them know player is coming and ask college coach if they would have time to show player around the campus.

-           Send them a thank you note after the camp is over.  Feel free to include a picture of player at the camp.


2.       E-mail often!!!!  But all e-mails should be from the player!!!!!!  Not the parents!!!!!   Even in the off season.  For each school you are e-mailing, log on and find their player profile and fill it out.  E-mail coach and let them know you filled it out.

a.       When the college team is playing…send e-mails to the college coaches after a big win they have against an arch rival. This is a lot of work and you can only pick a few special schools to monitor their schedule and follow their results.  Your key here is to make that college feel special that the player is really interested and really following the team.  Notice when they are on TV and watch the game. Send e-mail to coach letting them know player watched game. 


3.       For each school you are e-mailing, log on and find their player profile and fill it out.  E-mail coach and let them know you filled it out.

4.       If you are able to attend one of the college softball games…..go!  Let college coach know in advance you are coming.  Have player e-mail to tell them….call them to tell them.  Or both.

5.       Call coaches..but only after you have started e-mailing them or after you went to their camp.  They can’t call you back but if they answer you can talk to them.  If they don’t answer,  still have player leave a voice message.

6.       During your club softball season & high school season keep the colleges updated on your tournament schedule and results.

7.       If a college shows up to one of your club games send them a thank you for coming!!!  Doesn’t matter if it was a school you were writing or not. Still thank them.  And you might even consider adding them to your list of schools that you are e-mailing if player is interested in the school.

8.       Organization idea:  In your e-mail account create a folder for each school.  After you send an e-mail to a coach saved that e-mail in the folder. The next time you e-mail that coach you can go to the folder and hit reply to all.  Then you already have the coach e-mail address and the coach can see all the previous emails from the player.

9.       Think of creative ways to stand out:

           - Create a web site with key facts and video

           - Create a one page flier on player (kind of like a resume) and attach to all e-mails.

10.  Create video footage of the player.  Post it to YouTube.  Then you can e-mail link to colleges. 

11.   The biggest tip is to be persistent and creative!!  Most college coaches will tell you if you pester them they will come out and watch you play.  One Chaos player attended a camp as a Sophomore…the coach told the whole camp that she already knew who player was because she had e-mailed her so many times and included pictures and video.    

12.   When you e-mail a college coach about an upcoming tournament that you want the coach to attend, give as much helpful information as possible.  Address to fields, times, field number and link to the tournament web site.  Whatever you can think of to be helpful!

13.   Look to see what colleges are recruiting.  This web link is updated sometimes weekly.  You can sort by year, club team or college.

      14.  Reach out to Chaos Alumni who attended a school you are interested in.


List of dos and don’t for Player Behaviors

1.       Remember that you are always being evaluated!!! 

2.       College coaches are watching the whole time at the ballpark.  How do you behave in the dug out…standing in the concession line…walking to your car?  Are you a good teammate?  Are you ALWAYS respectful to your parents?

3.       NEVER EVER yell at your parents from the dug out to get you something!!!   If you need water or something….speak in a nice regular voice using good manners.

4.       If you strike out or make an error…..this is a GREAT opportunity to show a college coach how mentally tough you are.  If you strike out, walk head up to the dug out and encourage the next batter and your team!!!!!!  If you make an error in the field and drop a ball…keep going on the play.  Pick up the ball…still try and get an out.  Everyone makes mistakes.  True champions keep playing and don’t have an individual pity party.  College coaches do not want selfish players that crumble when they face adversity.

5.       NEVER EVER EVER cry.  Everyone makes mistakes and loses big games.  You can be disappointed.  Showing competitiveness is a strength but crying shows weakness.

6.       NEVER EVER EVER yell at a teammate for making a mistake.  The majority of college coaches will tell you they could care less who wins the game.  They are watching how the player reacts and performs in each situation during the game.


Good luck!!!!!  The road to getting an offer is a series of highs and lows.  Stay positive, focused and persistent.