Chaos Alumni

"Out of Chaos, Brilliant Stars are Born"

St. Louis Chaos Alumni:
Olivia Ward - University of Kentucky
Kelsey Etling - St. Louis University
Makayla Hurst - University of Utah
Maddie Michalski - Wichita State University
Chelsy Pena - Southeast Missouri State University
Kelsey Lenox - South Dakota State University
Kylie Lane - Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Keeler van Breusegen - Bradley University
Lillie Knesel - University of Dayton
Adriana Barlow - Miami University - OH
Lauren Bowman - Truman State University
Carlie Sanders - Boston College
Marisa Davis - Southeast Missouri State University
Micah Arps - Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Meghan Schorman - University of Kentucky
Sadie Wise - St. Louis University
Maddie Spinks - University of Chicago
DaeJera Aaron-Holman - Maryville University
Olivia Lessmann - University of Dayton
Kaylee Anderson - Southeast Missouri State University
Meredith Wernig - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Shaina Kmetz - Maryville University
Caitlyn Bingham - Wichita State University
Grace Baalmann - University of Kentucky
Katie Lacefield - Indiana University
Emily Frankenreiter - Maryville University
Claire Miller - Southwest Baptist
Peyton Ward - Lipscomb University
Ria Smith - University of Chicago
Megan Schellert - Southwest Baptist
Katelyn Massa - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Jenny Kohl - University of Northern Iowa
Abby Deane - Kennesaw State University
Adrienne Compton - Truman State University
Danielle Baumgartner - Mizzou
Bethany Canada - Wichita State
Kennedy Frank - Drake University
Kaylee Heucker - Wichita State
Jordan Michalski - Indiana State
Brittany Nimmo - North Carolina State
Katie Reed - University of Kentucky
Jenny Schaper - University of Kentucky
Maddie Seifert - Penn State
Brittany Stevens - Southeast Missouri State
Josie Knesel - SLU
Kayla Landwehmier - Ole Miss
Alex Linck - Jefferson College
Alina Maher - Northern Kentucky
Ashley Murphy - Truman State University
Cheyenne Prett - Iowa
Allison Szydlowski - University of Louisville
Allie Craft - Northern Kentucky
Natalie Fleming - University of Missouri
Shannon Beatty - University of Missouri-St. Louis
Linzi Bereitschaft - College of Charleston
Jessica Boeger - Bradley University
Kelsey Biggs - St. Louis University 
Jackey Branham - University of Alabama
Kristin Burger - St. Louis University 
Chelsea Carmody - University of Iowa
Steph Cepicky - Truman State University
Amanda Clack - Bradley University 
Emily Crane - University of Missouri 
Sarah Clynes - University of Illinois-Chicago 
Nichole Conway - Fontbonne University
Ellie Cooper - Florida State University
Courtney Conley - University of Alabama
Jessica Damico - University of Florida
Julie Damico - Indiana State University 
Maria Damico - Southern Illinois University 
Sara Davison - Iowa State University 
Sarah Dooley - University of Maryland 
Elizabeth Economon -Truman State University
Kristen Economon - UMSL
Ashley Fleming - University of Missouri
Kacie Flinn - Troy State University
Kristy Furrer - Central Missouri State University 
Amanda Geile - University of Arkansas 
Danielle Glosson - Southern Illinois University- Carbondale
Ashley Guille - University of Nebraska 
Stephanie Hill - Southwestern Illinois College 
Denise Jilka - Bradley University
Sherry Johnson - Truman State University
Katie Jordan - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Katie Keim - University of Iowa 
Ashley Knehans - Missouri State 
Shelby Kramer - Purdue University
Katie Kroeger - St. Louis University 
Christy Leath - Boston University 
Chelsey Leonard - University of Louisville 
Bailee Lott - University of Houston
Tisha Mahon - University of North Carolina 
Ashley Miller - Truman State University
Katie Mueller - Truman State University
Kristin Nicoletti - St. Louis University
Katie Noski - Truman State University
MacKenzie Peters - St. Louis University
Mariclaire Rebman - Yale University 
Baeley Reed - Drexel University
Holly Reichel -Fontbonne
Amanda Renth - University of Missouri
Maggie Ruckenbrod - University of Louisville 
Brittany Smith - Drury University 
Alysha Swider - Missouri State
Maggie Viefhaus - University of Michigan
Becky Wegmann - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Katie Wilson - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Madysen Wilton - Murray State 



Missouri Gatorade Player of the Year:
   2015 Brittany Nimmo
   2017/2018 Gabi Deters

Post Dispatch Player of The Year:
   2011 Emily Crane
   2009 Maggie Ruckenbrod
   2008 Amanda Geile
   2007 Courtney Conley
   2000 Kacie Flinn   
   1999 Elizabeth Economon
Suburban West Conference:
   Katie Reed - Player of the Year
   Maddie Seifert - Pitcher of the Year

NCAA All Americans:
   Elizabeth Economon DII -Truman State
   Ashley Fleming DI - University of Missouri
   Kristin Nicoletti DI - St. Louis University
   Maggie Viefhaus DI - University of Michigan
   Emily Crane DI - University of Missouri
   Katie Reed DI - University of Kentucky

PGF All American:
   Olivia Ward - 2018 Central Region 

ASA All Americans:
   Kristy Furrer and Kacie Flinn 2001 U23 ASA Nationals 

Collegiate Honors:
   Claire Miller: MIAA 1st Team Pitcher - DII
   Megan Schellert: MIAA Honorable Mention - DII
   Sadie Wise: DI
       A10 1st Team All Conference 
       A10 All Rookie Team
       3rd Team Mid Atlantic - All Region
   Rachel Anderson: DI
       OVC 1st Team All Conference
       2nd Team Mideast All Region
   Katelyn Massa: DI
       MVC 1st Team All Conference
       MVC Scholar Athlete
   Grace Baalman: SEC All Freshman Team - DI
   Katie Reed: DI
       SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year!
       SEC 2nd Team All Conference
       SEC All-Defensive Short Stop
       CoSIDA Academic All District Team
       CoSIDA First Team Academic All American
   Maddie Spinks: HLSB All Freshman Team - DI
   Kennedy Frank: MVC 2nd Team All Conference - DI
   Cheyenne Pratt: B10 Sportsmanship Honoree - DI
   Alex Linck: NAIA
        AMC 2nd Team All Conference
        AMC All Academic Team

   Katelyn Massa: MVC 2nd Team All Conference - DI
   Peyton Ward: ASUN All Freshman Team - DI
   Cheyenne Pratt: BIG 10 All Defensive Team - DI
   Alex Linck: AMC 2nd Team All Conference - NAIA
   Rachel Anderson: DI
      OVC Freshman of the Year         
      2nd Team Mideast Region
      OVC 1st Team All Conference 
      All Newcomer Team
   Katie Reed: DI
      2nd Team Southeast Region
      SEC 1st Team All Conference

   Previous Years:              
   Josie KneselA-10 All Rookie & 2nd Team All Conference 
   Maggie Viefhaus: All American & Big 10 Player of the Year

High School Under Armour All Americans:
   Courtney Conley (two time winner)
   Jessica Damico (two time winner)
   Amanda Geile

New Zealand National Team: 
   Ellie Cooper

USA Junior Womens' National Team:
  Emily Crane 2014
  Jessica Damico 2011
  Maggie Viefhaus 2006-07

USA Junior Womens' National Training Team:
   Gabi Deters 2017

Women's College World Series CHAMPIONS!
   Jessica Damico - University of Florida - 2014 & 2015
Image result for women's college world series 2015
   Courtney Conley & Jackey Branham - University of Alabama - 2012 

Essential Purpose in Life
Our essential purpose is the foundation upon which we build a life filled with passion and purpose. Everything makes sense in relation to our essential purpose. Things that help us become the-best-version-of-ourselves should be embraced and celebrated. Things that stop us from becoming our best selves should be avoided and rejected.