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Wishing Well

Included in this wishing well are classroom and school needs that may be fulfilled by parents, companies and/or through grants.
If there is something listed that you can provide, please contact: (1) the teacher directly, (2) Dr. Bertolotti or (3) a Home and School Board Member.
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  • Balls for recess
  • K-Cups for faculty lounge 

  • Pencils
  • Washable markers
  • Playground balls
  • Jump ropes
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Highlighters
  • DVD movies rated "E" for Half Day Fridays
  • Arts & Crafts supplies 
Pre-K, Mrs. Miller 
  • Sturdy individual white boards and good quality dry erase markers
  • Playground balls for Pre-K (soft, foam balls preferable)
  • Children's stories on CD
  • Children's books of all kinds, but especially religious books
  • Indoor toys (dolls, play food, non-reading required board games like Candy Land, etc)
  • Extra blankets for rest time during winter
  • Games and or puzzles that you would like to donate or lend
  • Play dough 
  • Dramatic play clothes 
  • Letter magnets
    Kindergarten, Ms. Reed
    • play dough
    • new games for indoor recess (connect 4, ants in the pants, etc...)
    • a set of speakers that could plug into head phone jacks (that could work with teacher lap top)
    • a drying rack for art projects (preferably a small one that could fit 20 or 30 projects on it
    • colored card stock paper --- chart paper or giant post its
    Grade 1, Ms. Danielson

    • 4-5 primary bucket balance scales

    Grade 2, Mrs. Altemus

    • Stool

    • Jump Ropes

    • Sidewalk Chalk

    • Colored Chalk for chalkboards in classroom

    • Indoor Board Games for rainy days

    • Playdoh or clay

    • Lined Chart paper 

    Grade 3, Mrs. Russo

    • a cd/tape radio player

    • small white boards

    • mineral rock set

    • play dough 

    Grade 4, Ms. O'Brien

    • electric pencil sharpener
    • decks of playing cards (about 5 packs)
    • mini dry erase erasers with wooden back, so students can write their names and decorate - 2 dozen (orientaltrading.com)
    • indoor recess equipment (Connect Four, Trouble, games that don't take a long time to play
    • recess equipment (a variety of balls, jump ropes, etc) 
    • NERF  football and soccer ball
    • Several stop watches
           Grade 5, Ms. Baade
          • Individual white boards 
          • 12- 12 qt plastic storage bins
          • 25 pair of scissors
          • 25 Protractors
          • 25 geometric compasses
          • 6 24" x 32" flip chart paper pads
          • 3 100 count boxes of multicolored file folders - 1/3 cut tabs
          • electric pencil sharpener 
          Grade 6, Mrs. Rella

          • balls for recess

          • speakers for the laptop, so we can hear presentations in class

          • beanbags and pillows for reading nook

          • handheld, battery operated microphone to practice for the oratory

          • I love finding resources on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Please consider a gift card to supply the class with resources: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Gift-Card


           Grade 7, Mr. House 

          • a TV with a VCR/DVD system to show historically significant documentaries
          • Historical posters or pictures
          • Flags of Countries
          • Speakers 
           Grade 8, Mrs. Pappas

          St. Joseph's was unable to get the grant we applied for to stock the new science lab, but here is the list....Any and all items are greatly appreciated.  Some things can be purchased at a store and some can be ordered online from a science company.  The store purchases are listed by lab activity so parents can get a better idea as to why specific things are being asked. 
          • Life Science Interactive Notebook - The COMPLETE Bundle for an ENTIRE YEAR! $68.00 Digital Download
          • Earth Science Interactive Notebook - The Complete Bundle for an ENTIRE YEAR! $50.00 Digital download
          • Smart Notebook Software (Please coordinate with me, Mrs. Pappas, before purchasing software)
          • at least 10 plastic shoe box containers with lids and some storage shelving that they would fit in
          • some other small storage bin shelvin. 
          Pre-Algebra / Algebra, Mr. DiGiovanni

          • Small boxes
          • plastic bottles(water, soda, etc)
          • vitamin or small medicine bottles
          • paper rolls/toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper etc.
          • egg cartons both paper and Styrofoam
          • Cardboard sheets
          • Yogurt or other small plastic containers
          • Chinese soup containers, both large and small
          • Frozen food trays
          • Aluminum foil(not really recycled, but would be nice to have a few rolls) 
          Library, Librarian

          Music, Ms. Bandong

          Physical Education, Mr. Murray

          Resource Teacher

          Religion Teacher, Mrs. Montoya

          Spanish, Ms. Fernandez



            Alice Szczepanski,
            Sep 16, 2014, 7:19 PM
            Alice Szczepanski,
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