BeFriender Activities

BeFrienders are meeting with members of our parish.
Welcome to The BeFriender Ministry

Please look around this site to learn more about this new ministry at our church.

Dear people of the parish,

As the new pastor of St. Joseph parish, I have been introduced to many programs and activities in our parish.  Before Fr. Jim resumed his new duties in South Haven, he was so kind to introduce me to one of the new ministries in the parish called BeFrienders.

BeFrienders are lay volunteers who provide pastoral care to people in difficult and transitional situations, such as illness, loneliness, or loss of a loved one. They embody the caring presence of God and of the faith community. I was happy to learn that BeFrienders accept people as they are and listen with compassion. Through spiritual and emotional care, BeFrienders allow those they befriend to make their own decisions.

There is a distinction about the role of BeFrienders.  Their role is to care, not cure.  The skills BeFrienders learn in training allow them to respond to any pastoral care need with confidence that they can provide a nonjudgmental and compassionate listening presence. BeFrienders gain a deeper understanding of unity in Christ by appreciating the value of each member of the community. BeFrienders experience how Christ calls us to be together in joy and in pain.

Like any ministry, the need for prayers is utmost.  Your prayers for the volunteers are needed.  If you feel compelled to join us a trained volunteer, please contact us.  If you are seeking pastoral care and support, we are here for you.

Sincerely in the Compassionate Christ,

Fr. Robert Creagan

You tell us that to love God and neighbour is not something abstract, but profoundly concrete: it means seeing in every person the face of the Lord to be served, to serve him concretely. And you are, dear brothers and sisters, the face of Jesus.

Pope Francis