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For almost 36 years, I worked as a Software Engineer at IBM, specializing in programming efficiency and software performance. I was an IBM Master Inventor with 21 patents issued and another 16 pending. For my last 6 years at IBM, I served on its invention review boards, deciding if the inventions of others should be filed with the patent office.

Due to my contract with IBM, everything that I created belonged to IBM. To use any of my own ideas from my patents outside of IBM, I would have to pay royalties like anyone else. One of the few exceptions to this was my XcomUtil, for which I had to get permission from the IBM lawyers. Even so, I was never allowed to profit from XcomUtil in any way, because that could be considered to be competing with IBM.

On 31 March 2010, everything changed when I was forced into retirement as part of a “resource action” which eliminated half of the area in which I worked. Most saw it as a layoff, but I view it as being freed from the shackles placed upon me by a company that could not see the value of computer games.

I am now free to pursue my dream of working in the computer game industry. To that industry I bring the skills for which IBM paid me: my creativity and my deep knowledge of programming efficiency and software performance. I also bring the skills demonstrated by my work on not only XcomUtil, but also ISC, my game that was briefly published by IBM.

I am now working at BioWare on Star Wars: The Old Republic

Dreams can come true.

Scott T Jones<Scott@ScottTJones.com>