Thanks to all our volunteers for making the past St.John's Triathlon and the Kids of Steel HUGE successes!

As with any event, things just wouldn't happen without volunteers!!

We need to build a list of volunteers for event day.  There are many jobs available from body marking (that's fun!) to finish line assistance and everything in between. Show your support for the athlete and the event - Volunteer!!

Even if you're participating in one of the events at the St. John's Tri, you can help out with the Kids Of Steel on Regatta Day, or recruit a couple of friends or family members to give us a hand at the Triathlon.  And it's a great way for them to see you racing!

Some of the tasks required are listed below. Please register using the form on the right!
          Kids of Steel (Regatta Day Bowring Park) Regatta Day
              * Volunteers needed from 7am - 1 pm

St.John's Triathlon (Sunshine Camp) August 6, 2017

Water Stations

  • 2 teams of 6 volunteers
  • Set up water table, water jugs, cups, sponges, Powerade
  • Half fill cups with water or Powerade
  • Hand athletes cups as they pass; hold out arm and move in the direction of the athlete
  • Recover discarded cups and place in garbage bags

Swim Course

  • Canoers and kayakers for buoy setup and swimmer safety
  • Lifeguards
  • Pay attention to slower or struggling swimmers
  • Lend assistance where necessary
  • Position swimmers for start
  • Direct swimmers to the path as they exit the water
Bike Course
  • Traffic direction in the transition area
  • Flag people for various intersections

Run Course

  • Traffic direction in and out of transition area
  • Manning the pylon at the turn around

Finish Area

  • Direct athletes through finish chute and to refreshment/aid area
  • Offer refreshments and aid to athletes as required

Course Set-up / Tear-down

  • Set up transition area the evening before the race
  • Placement of barricades and signs on the morning prior to the race and removal following / break down of transition area

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