Religious Ed

Overview 2020-2021

Registration Instructions


  2. Click "New User?" and type in "St John the Evangelist, Townsend" into the top drop-down box.

  3. Fill in the rest of this initial page to get your account started, with the username of your choice. Make sure it's in your name, not your child's.

  4. Once you complete the page, you will receive a message saying that a temporary password will be emailed to you shortly.

  5. Once you receive the email with your temporary password, click the same link from Step 1 and use the password to log in.

  6. Click the tab "Religious Education", then the link "Online Registration".

  7. Complete this information page with your child's information and make sure to update your family records so that all of your children are included. At the bottom, make sure "Term 2020-2021" is selected and then match up your children with their appropriate class level.

  8. You're all set! Keep an eye out for an email from your child's teacher.


Summary of our 1st-8th Grade Program

Our program for children in grades 1-8 consists of weekly virtual lessons with three parts:

  1. A brief video teaching the catechism lesson

  2. The online catechism for children to follow along as they watch the video

  3. A follow-up online game quiz - due by the following week

The first lesson will be posted here on Sunday, October 4th 2020. Each following Sunday a new lesson will be posted.


Summary of our Confirmation Program

Our Confirmation program is a two year preparatory program. Confirmation 1 typically begins in grade 9 followed by Confirmation 2 in grade 10. The Sacrament of Confirmation is offered in the spring of grade 10.

Classes for both Confirmation I and Confirmation II will be held on the following Sundays from 5:30-7:00pm in the religious education building:

  • October 4th & 18th

  • November 1st & 15th

  • December 6th & 20th

  • January 24th

  • February 7th & 21st

  • March 7th & 21st

  • April 11th

Enrollment is open to high school students of any age who wish to receive this Sacrament.

Tuition & Fees

Grades 1, 3-8 - $70 / student

Confirmation I - $70 / student

Grade 2 - $85 / student

Confirmation II - $85 / student

Payments may be made by check or online (by pressing the yellow "Please Donate" button below and selecting the Religious Ed Fund) and are due by October 31, 2020. Remember to designate the payment for "Religious Ed".

Are you new to our parish?

If so, welcome! We'd love to make sure we have your records up to date, so please send copies of the certificates for all sacraments your children have received to: Religious Education Office, St. John the Evangelist Parish, 1 School Street, Townsend, MA 01469.

Is your child attending a Catholic school?

If your child attends a Catholic school they are not required to attend religious education classes at St. John's. However, we want to make sure that they are in our database so that we can include them in any grade-specific activities, including sacramental preparation.

Typically, First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are received in grade 2 and Confirmation is received in grade 10. Preparation for these sacraments is done in your parish of record.

Has your child missed a year or two of Religious Education?

If your child has not consistently attended Religious Education classes, don't worry! If you contact David at, we can help your child prepare to participate at their current grade level. Religious Education is a continuous program beginning in grade 1 and continuing through grade 10 when the Sacrament of Confirmation is offered. David is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and we also have a parish staff member who is fluent in ASL.