Good People,

The cost for the sacrament of Marriage is nothing. We asks for a donation $250 to keep up the building and for heat and so forth.

Are there other costs?

Some people like to have an altar server and sometimes there has been a spontaneous gift of money for servers.

Music is an integral part of Marriage especially when it is within a Mass. There are singers and musicians here in the parish. They do a beautiful job. Some people are from families with musicians and they like to sing at the wedding. For more info about music we can talk together when you come in for a meeting to set up the date.

We have Altar Servers ready to serve. The two sons of the Swope family as well as the eldest son of the Labak family are high school students ready to serve your wedding. It is customary to give altar servers a gift when they serve at a wedding. I would say $30.00 is a good amount. Please call

978-597-2291 to arrange for them to serve.

In Christ,

Fr. St. Martin