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Bulletin Article, Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time -09-08-2019

A Cost of Living Increase...

Our first reading from Wisdom reminds us how God remains a mystery! - and that as created persons, we lack wisdom unless assisted by God. It is only Jesus who can provide the wisdom and counsel necessary to understand how we are to live and respond to his call to a new way of living… a call to discipleship, that comes at a cost. Our Gospel for this Sunday tells us to ‘go to Jesus’, however, we are to first "hate father and mother, wife and children, brother and sister and even your own life"... The correct interpretation of this passage includes knowing that Jesus was working to break down “worldly barriers of division” that get in the way of our discipleship. This does not intend that we should hold our families in contempt…, the word “hate” is from the Greek word “μισεῖ”(miseo) [miss-eh-oh], which includes a translation that means; “to love less”, in comparison to someone or something else. Jesus is telling us the true cost of living - and that cost means we cannot love anyone - or anything more than we love God. Jesus does not desire to steal us away from our families, but to emphasize the cost and call of discipleship; as Jesus says: “Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.”.... As the Gospel narratives advance ever-closer to Calvary, Jesus stresses how we cannot afford to “serve two masters”. Jesus out of love for us, wants us to understand the full cost of this “new way”... and the cost is simply everything. A cost that Jesus pays - in full.