St. John's House

This website started life as a project for Year 8 pupils at the end of the 1970s. It was produced as a booklet and was placed in the Isle of Wight libraries.

St John's House for many years was part of Bishop Lovett Church of England Middle School in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. It was used as a base for Year 8 children and later Year 7, the first floor containing the office and staffroom and the basement being used as storage space. Nowadays it hosts Oakfield Primary School.

It is more than 230 years since its construction in about 1769 and its history is fascinating. Its owners include a general, two MPs and an amateur scientist. It has been let to many other interesting people and has even been the subject of an Act of Parliament.

Undoubtedly more information could be found about the people connected with St. John's House but what follows is the history of our main school building and, to a certain extent, the area which surrounds it. We hope that readers will find it as interesting as we have done; researching characters from the past is fascinating and makes history come alive, especially so when it concerns a part of our daily life at school.