The Smith Cochran Legacy: 
Moving Forward


Thank you for visiting our website.  Our church has a wonderful past and
we are contributing to the exciting future of Downtown Yonkers.
We have gathered together information about the church, the windows, the Smith Cochran Family, and the Restoration Campaign.  

We hope that you will enjoy learning about the history of our church and our city, and that you will be inspired by the example of the Smith Cochran family.  We also ask you to support this campaign.  You can discover how on the "Action" Page.  

How can you Help?
Our "Action" Page gives you lots of ways you can support the campaign!

Endorsements from Yonkers Community
including public officials, local developpers, community service organizations, historical organizations and institutions founded by the Smith and Cochran families.  Follow this link to see their letter of endorsement.

The Campaign Website 
  • The "History" Page will give you a brief history of St. John's and the Smith Cochran generosity in Yonkers.
  • The "Windows" Page will explain why the need is urgent for our windows to be restored
  • The "Yonkers Treasure" Page will describe the reasons St. John's is a valuable asset to our entire city.
  • The "Smith Cochran" Page tells a little about the family and the contributions they have made to Yonkers.
  • The "Action" Page will describe ways you can help both with this project and how you can be a member of our community who makes a difference.
  • An "Informational Video" explains the campaign in a cozy home-made video.  Take a look!
Partner with us!
Find out how here!

When contributing to the Restoration Campaign
Please write "Restoration" in the Memo Line.