Club 56 is our youth group for children in grades 5 and 6.  Club 56 meets monthly on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:30 pm.  Meetings are typically themed and include snack, a brief Bible study, and an activity.  

At Club 56 we work to help our 5th and 6th grade youth learn more about God, the Bible, and their relationship with with their Savior.  We aim to do this in a way that is fun, interesting, and in terms appropriate for their age. 

Like all of St. John's Youth Program groups, Club 56 is an open group for all 5th and 6th grade youth within the Napa Valley and beyond. 

Ablaze is our 7th and 8th grade youth group.  Ablaze meets monthly on Friday evenings from 6:00-7:30 pm.  Although many events are themed, they are overall more open-ended than the Club 56 events.  Events normally consist of food, Bible study, as well as an activity.  

At Ablaze, our focus is on creating an atmosphere where junior high youth can freely begin asking the tough questions about their faith and then find Biblically sound answers.  This school year we are going through the series, "Never Forget: Life Lessons That Never Change."  In these lessons, youth are presented with modern problems relevant to their age and then shown the example the Biblical response left by Christ.  

Ablaze is an open group where all 7th and 8th grade youth within the Napa area are invited.  

ABIDE is our high school youth group that meets weekly for worship, Bible study, small group discussion, and activities.  

ABIDE meets weekly on Sunday afternoons from 2:00-4:00.  We normally begin our time with open gym or games on the field followed by worship with the youth band.  After worship the group meets for a brief lesson that sets the stage for small group discussions.  Before calling it a day, the group returns together to close in worship and prayer.  

Beyond ABIDE's weekly Bible study, we often meet to participate in local projects.  Be it helping work on the church's farm, or volunteering at the Discovery Shop, ABIDE looks to provide local high school with opportunities to not only socialize but also become active leaders in our community.