The Building and Parish

The Church itself is a large stone building with a spire, the highest point in Gateshead, and was consecrated in 1825.
It underwent long-awaited building work in the late 1990’s to construct two meeting rooms at the rear of the church and two toilets. One of the meeting rooms has a kitchen area. The formation of these spaces has allowed the Church to be used for a range of meetings that was not previously possible and with the removal of Church pews and replacement with quality chairs and carpet, midweek activities using the body of the church have also been made possible. The majority of these have been church orientated but the space has also been used occasionally for community purposes.
A good quality Harrison’s Organ was obtained from a redundant church and installed in 1999.


Further information about St John's History can be found here

The parish of St John's is a well-established residential area situated towards the south of Gateshead Metropolitan Borough. The population is around 10,000 and consists mainly of local people, born and brought up in the area.
The parish has the Queen Elizabeth Hospital situated within its bounds; this is the main hospital in Gateshead with nearly 600 beds together with outpatient and accident & emergency services.

Larkspur and Glynwood are two primary schools within the parish.

The parish boundary can be viewed here.

St John's Churchyard (view from the tower).

St Johns Bell

The Church Bell