St John's Mission

The following statement was adopted by the Extraordinary Parish Vestry Meeting of the City Parish of St John the Baptist on 21st January 2007, as an interim Mission Action Plan for discussion and further development.

The meeting committed to abide by the Diocesan Covenant for Mission and Ministry as Parish Church in the heart of the capital city.

Our purpose as a gathered community of people seeking to be disciples of Jesus Christ is to sustain at the heart of Cardiff a pattern of Christian worship, service and Gospel proclamation that meets the pastoral needs of the city centre, especially people in business, local government, public services and all visitors, making the best possible use of buildings to this end.

Our aim is to increase the number of regular active committed participants in the church's worship and ministry, and ensure that our stewardship of buildings and resources is sustainable.

In the light of changing circumstances we identify each year several key areas requiring concerted action from church members, and monitor progress in these. The MAP is then reviewed in the run up to the Annual General Meeting, and reported upon at the meeting.

Key areas kept under review

* financial management

* parochial and pastoral affairs

* volunteer recruitment

* initiatives in outreach and pastoral care

* the parish programme of learning and spiritual formation

* the life of Tredegarville Church School and St James' mission congregation meeting there

MAP Review documents from the former Central Cardif Parish (.pdf files) -- 2003 --2004 --2005 --2006 -- 2007