This is an exhibition of paintings by local artist Brian Gardiner. He has drawn and painted townscapes and rural landscapes in and around Newport, Cardiff and the countryside in between over the past fifty years. His preferred medium for painting is pastels, and a picture can take months to execute, as he always works in situ in all kinds of weather, seeking to distil the essence of the scene into his portrayal of it - hence the exhibition's title, conveying Brian's artistic sense of purpose. Here are a few of the images which will be on display.

Barns - Marshfield

St Margaret's Church seen from Waterloo Gardens, Roath

Street in Pill, Newport

Blaze of Autumn - Waterloo Gardens, Roath
To see more of Brian's pictures on-line click on this link to visit:  http://picasaweb.google.com/cardiffstjohncity.admin/SpiritofPlace