Service Schedule

08:00 AM    Holy Eucharist, Rite I (traditional English)
10:15 AM     Sung Eucharist, Rite II (contemporary English) 
10:15 AM    Sunday School (No Sunday School in July or August)

12:05 PM    Healing Eucharist followed by a simple lunch

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What to Expect at Our Services

If you have not experienced liturgical worship before, you have a treat in store!

Our worship is a spiritual practice which involves the singing and saying of particular prayers.   This allows us to worship as a body in unison, and thus experience the unity we share in Christ, not just together in this place, but what is even more awesome, with the hundreds and hundreds of millions  of Christians throughout time and space who worship using this ancient and time tested form.   It was used by St. Nicholas who we now call Santa Claus; it was used by St. Francis who is so loved by many as a lover of animals and is considered the founder of ecology; it was used by St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and so many holy women and men who founded Hospitals, Schools, Orphanages, and countless ministries to the people Christ wants us to serve.  St. Patrick of Ireland who took Christianity to Ireland used it, as did  the women and men who first brought Christianity to this land many many years ago.    It has been used in this parish for almost 325 years, and it is being used every Sunday still by millions and millions around the globe  like you and me who sometimes struggle to understand our faith and how to live it out day to day.

Even though this service was forged over the ages, tweaked here, revised there, translated to English multiple times, reflecting the skill, wisdom and creativity of many spiritual leaders, it is largely the same service used for some 1700 years.    Scholars even believe the first half of the service reflects the worship service Christ would have known in the synagogue in Nazareth.  The second half of the service is that commanded by Christ himself when on the night before he died on the cross he told us to take bread and to break it.

Another interesting fact is that some studies have shown this form of worship has both health and psychological benefits for those who participate.  However, we believe you will find much more than bodily and psychological health through worship.  You just may find new and renewed life.

Because so much of the service is a gift to us from ancient times, it frees us from the need to wonder what is happening, and allows our inner life, our mind, our feelings and our imaginations, to ponder, wonder and even dance with Christ, and all these faithful people who have gone before, as we make these prayers, these insights, these praises our own, in our own particular lives with its own particular qualities.   We bring all that we are, have, feel, and desire to this worship meaning that the service is never the same twice, and always more rich, more expansive.  The priest will try and make this explicit in the sermon, but we can do it in our very bodies, minds and hearts individually.  Our worship is not just something we do, it is also the work of the Holy Spirit who is present and at work making God's dream for us alive in our lives.   Our worship is a foretaste of heaven.

Come experience  the presence of Christ with us this Sunday!

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