St. John's Childcare Center
St. John's Childcare is a member of eScrip. eScrip has created a system that rewards customer loyalty by contributing a percentage of purchases made by participating families to school groups.  Parents, teachers, friends and families are encouraged to register their grocery loyalty cards, credit and debit cards with the eScrip program. St. John's Childcare receives a monthly rebate based on the purchases made by our registered participants. There are no receipts to collect, no vouchers or cerficates to buy, and every purchase counts.  There are thousands of participating merchants, including:

American AirlinesWhole FoodsSafeway.Macy'sAndronico's

Join eScrip today!! Five minutes of your time can mean hundreds of dollars for our group.

You can register online by clicking the link below and typing in St. John's Childcare to start the registration. For more information about the eScrip program please visit

Click on "sign up" and locate our Group NameSt. John's Childcare  OR                                       Group ID#:    659997            

 Register your grocery club card and/or debit/credit cards.  
Everytime you shop at an eScrip merchant and swipe your registered card - our group receives a percentage of your purchase!