OUR PASTOR - Fr. Richard Voigt

FR. RICHARD VOIGT is the pastor of St. John Bosco Chapel in Geneva, NY. Father was ordained on April 8, 1978, in the Salesian order, by the famous Timothy Cardinal Manning of Los Angeles (who himself was consecrated bishop by Pope Pius XII).
As a very conservative priest, Father has focused upon the study of the Holy Mass as a sacrificial offering of the Lamb of God. His thesis in the spiritual life dealt with the question of the priest as both the "offerer" and the "offered" as priest and victim. He obtained his Master's degree from the Univeristy of Berkeley, under the tutelalge of Fr. Kevin Wall, O.P., Fr. Antoninus Wall, O.P. and Fr. Moreno, O.P. These priests were fully competent in Thomistic Philosophy and Theology, and, in private tutorials, shared their love of St. Thomas Aquinas with Fr. Voigt.
After ordination, Father was given the obedience of being Catechist (Religious Director) to St. Mary's boarding school in Edmonton, Canada. It was there that he first experienced the radical changes in the liturgy, and the Liberalism that was creeping into the Salesian order.
His next assignment saw his provincial asking him to take over the East Los Angeles youth apostolate. After succeeding for four years in the program, he was asked to go and develop the youth program in Richmond, CA.
For ten years, with Father as Executive Director of the youth program in Richmond, the club increased yearly in all aspects.
Finally, Father was asked to go Watsonville, CA, to remedy a dying youth program, and in five years the program was completely and successfully turned around.
After Watsonville, Father went back to teaching in high school as a counselor and coach in Louisiana.
Finally, after three years, he was assigned as the Associate Pastor to St. Patrick's in Laredo, TX. There he developed the Good Shepherd catechetical program and a parish outreach program of various activities, an apostolate in the jail, as well as working with the Pro-Life program in Laredo.
After five years there, Father was asked to rejuvenate Los Angeles, thus coming full circle. Through this second experience, Father found the answer to the increasing Liberal problem in the Salesian order, and found the traditional Faith still alive with the Society of Saint Pius X.
Father came to work at the Society of Saint Pius X church and priory in Syracuse, NY in 2005. As a consequence, he came into contact with a group of Catholics in the Geneva area, who thirsted for the Latin Mass. This led to the establishment of the chapel in Geneva, NY, which Father now serves on a regular, full-time basis. From the time of rediscovering Tradition, till now, he works to recover the Faith of our Fathers.