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Yeah, welcome to the new and improved version of

this is basically a personal site, really just so I can say that I have a real website instead of a myspace or something, and also to share wonderful jokes with the masses.

if you want free image hosting or anything just ask cause Ive got alot of spare memory that I can give away.


 Big red updates go here to attract attention. yay.

New poem

Communications  page is cool =D 

New Music


Yay! a fancy playlist for my favorite songs that none of you have ever heard, if youve got other requests leave them in the forum.

Here's a link to open it in a new window, so you can browse the site while you listen :) link? dunno what to write for the link, but maybe this will be big enough.



Heres that forum that no one will use. lol. theres a profanity filter that costs money to take off, so keep it clean. oh, and sorry for the Adds too, its also to keep it free.


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Other stuff: 

If you're here you should somewhat know me, at least you should  know who I am, and if not, Id appreciate you leaving my site. alot.

I think that myspace is for conformists, but I'll forgive anyone for using it, its not your fault, but you should leave the dark side, come to the light and join googlepages.

Yeah, thats about it, so have fun, and if you can help me take over the world id be greatly appreciative, ill even send you a charming gift basket :) 

By the way: 

If you have an e-mail adress and i dont have it, i use email all the time, so if you dont mind, you can drop it off here (no spamming, i promise): 

oh, and you should know, i have a god complex :D

Stat counter-(dont laugh, it was put up on 10/19/06)

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see all the stuff :)

my other Stat counter was much cooler, but, alas, used javascript and completely spazzed out and killed my website, so i had to make a new one, and now i have to use a simpler counter.

oh well, what can you do?