Mrs. Hammond

  I will keep Weeks One and two work posted in case someone did not finish . If you scroll down you will get to Week 2 . 
Week 1 at home : Week 3 assignment starting Monday March 30  will from now on be posted on Google Classroom .

Monday March 16 ,2020 Look up your Musher and record his/her standing on your chart 

1. Look up the saint of the day and write three facts you learned about this saint on the sheet you were given . 
2. read Chapter 18 pages 76-78

1. lesson 24 page 95 
  • know what the words mean ; if you don't know then look them up and write the definition for yourself on page 94 
  • since you don't have your Chromebook --write your sentences on looselead --proper heading and lesson 24 or  you can type the sentences --I have assigned the assignment on Google classroom like we do in class
Vocabulary Workshop 
1. page 147 Word Associations 

1. read at least 20 minutes of your Black Eyed Susan book ; you could start your collage 
2. Look up the 7 vocabulary words in your Reader on page 694 and write one definition on looseleaf( proper heading including the title of the story )  --use the Glossary in the back of the reader to find the definition --then read pages 694-695.

1. packet pages 38-41--Capitalization -Proper Nouns ; Things 
Tuesday March 17 Happy St. Patrick's Day --get some fresh air --maybe fly a kite 

1. look up St Patrick and write three facts about him on you saint sheet 
2. Activity Book page 71 Rejecting and Accepting Christ --use your textbook if needed --you read about this yesterday 

1. page 96 and sentences 

Vocabulary Workshop 
1. page 148 Dictionary -Multiple Meaning Words 

1. read your Black Eyed Susan book for 20 minutes 
2. read the first part of the  story Klondike Kate on pages 697-703 
3. do Practice workbook page 159 --you can use the definitions you wrote yesterday to help you on this page 

1. packet pages 42-47 --Capitalization: Sentences and Quotations and Capitalization : Letters, Addresses and Dates 

Clean out your bookbag and take home folder --organize yourself
Wednesday March 18 ,2020   The Iditarod has a winner after 9 days ! --check your musher's standing and plot on the chart. Go to the Iditarod website . Then go go Education on the Home page  and click on Iditarod edu Home Page and scroll down to article about We Have A Winner --read and see photos of the winner .  Keep following your mushers until all have crossed the finish line . Some have dropped out --the Berington twins have dropped out . 

1. Look up the saint of the day and write three facts your learned on your sheet 
2. Activity Book page 72 Will You Stay With Jesus -use your textbook for help if needed --please please be neat and use complete sentences when answering  

1. page 97 --be neat in your writing 
2. sentences for the words --underline word  and use proper punctuation and capitalization 

Vocabulary Workshop 
1. page 149 Shades of Meaning =Adages and Proverbs2 
1. packet pages 64-67 Expression: Complete Sentences and Expression : Sentence Clarity 

1. read your Black Eyed Susan book for 20 minutes ; if you have finished the book then work on the collage as instructed in the two page worksheets given to you 
2. Read pages 704-711 of Klondike Kate in the reader --this should finish the story
Thursday March 19 -feast of St. Joseph , husband of Mary 
Remember to look up your musher and record his/her standing on your chart . There is already winning  musher at Nome! 
1. Look up St. Jospeh and write three facts about him on the saint sheet 
2. Activity Book page 73 - The Messiah --use your textbook if needed 

1. page 98 
2, finish your sentences and turn them in 

Vocabulary Workshop 
1. none today --a test on the unit will be when you return to school 

1. packet pages 68-71 Expression : Paragraphs -First and Last Sentences and Expression : Paragraphs -Detail Sentences

1. read your Black Eyed Susan Book for 20 minutes ; if you are finished then start your collage using the directions on the two sheets given to you . 
2. Practice workbook -page 160  
Friday March 21,2020    Has your musher finished the Iditarod Race? Remember to plot the information on your chart . 
1. Look up the saint of the day and record three facts on your saint sheet 
2.Activity Book page 74 Turning Away From Jesus -use your textbook as needed ( Chapter 18 ) 

1. make sure you turned in your sentences for lesson 24 
2. Test on this lesson will be when you come back 

Vocabulary Workshop 
1. none -you finished the Unit 

1. packet pages 48-53 Punctuation : Using Commas in a Series ; Punctuation : Sentences; Punctuation : Quotations 

1. Read your Black Eyed Susan book for 20 minutes ; if finished the book then  start your collage using the two page directions given in class 
2. read pages 713-715 in your reader 
3. answer the questions on page 712 of the reader --do questions 1-4 on looseleaf -use proper heading -including the title of the story
 Have a nice weekend . Play some board games with your family or fly a kite . I will post next week's work on Sunday for Monday . 
Week 2 at Home-----  I also post work on the Google Classroom. It would be good to get used to looking there to see if there are attachments for work . 
Beginning today and through Friday there is a program I would like you to watch at 2:00 pm . You have to go to Steve Hartman, a reporter , is doing a 30 minute interactive course for students about kindness. It should be an enjoyable experience. When finished watching I would like to hear from you about what you thought about the session. You can write on ELA Google Classroom .

Monday March 23,2020 I am going to post a daily precept from the Wonder book like we did everyday before prayer : 
What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? by Jean -Jacques Rousseau who was born in 1712 and was a Swiss writer . He believed that human beings are born good. 

Religion --We are getting closer to the end of Lent . Have you been saying your prayers, almsgiving and doing service promises? Today we start Chapter 19 called The Acceptance of the Father's Will on page 79 . Read page 79 up to the Last Supper on page 80 . The pictures you see are of the Shroud of Turin . You can read more about it on page 82 . 

This week is a review lesson so there are no sentences to do and unfortunately no Spelling Bee. Turn to lesson 25 page 99 and complete the page .

English --this week we will finish the packets I gave to you . Today work on pages 54-55 called Punctuation: Apostrophes and pages 56-57 Punctuation : Letters , Addresses , Dates and Time

Vocabulary Workshop -Today we start a new Unit 15 which is a Tall Tale . Look at pages 152 -153 the definitions of the new words.Fill in the blanks .  Then read pages 150-151 about Pecos Bill . 

Reading --In Reading Google classroom I have attached 4 worksheets about the characteristics of Tall Tales . Read about the characteristics . Before we can begin the story we need to look at pages 330-331 and there are 8 vocabulary words to have the definitions written . Like last week use your glossary in the reader to look up the definitions and write them  on a looseleaf paper with proper heading and title of the story -Stormalong . When done the definitions then do Practice workbook page 73. 

Hopefully you have finished your Black Eyed Susan book . Remember your collage will be due next week on your Black Eyed Susan book .Next week I will let you know about the April Book Report .

Tuesday March 24,2020 So glad many of you watched the Kindness course at 2:00pm yesterday .Don't forget it is on again today . 

How many of you use Google Classroom to get assignments or this homework site ? Let me know. I will still post to both sites  this week . 

Precept  of the day : The man who moves a mountain must start by moving small stones. -Chinese proverb . Write to me what you think this means. It is assigned in the Religion Google classroom . 

1. Activity book page 76 --if you need to use chapter 19 Religion book to help 
Mrs. Simmons is seeing if anyone wants to make cheerful cards for a nursing home. The cards can be left in a bin outside of school and will be delivered on Friday . 

1. page 100 

Vocabulary Workshop 
1. page 154 Match the Meaning -on Wednesday I will post the answers so you can check your work --Honor code 

1. packet pages 58-59 Punctuation : abbreviaations and Initials 
2. packet pages 60-61 Punctuation : Review 
I will post the answers on Wednesday for your to check your answers 

1. Yesterday you did definitions so you could understand the meaning of the new words . Today I would like you to read the story Stormalong in your reader-- pages 332-347 . Remember the characteristics of a Tall Tale that I attached yesterday in GoogLe Classroom . 
Remember to work on your March Book Report Collage . Also watch the 2:00 Kindness course on Facebook CBS . 

Wednesday March 25,2020

Precept of the Day : You can do anything you want . All you have to do is believe. 

Yesterday's Kindness course spoke about empathy . Your assignment is to tell me what empathy means to you . Also tell about one of the four stories you listened to in the session . You can write your answers in Goolge classroom under the Religion assignments 

Remember to watch again today at 2:00pm . 

1. read the religion book pages 80-81 up to the ****. 
2. Activity Book page 76 for chapter 19 lesson 2 called the Last Supper 

1. do page 101 
2, answers to check your page 100 are attached  on the Google  Classroom Spelling assignment 

Vocabulary Workshop 
1. do page 155 Synonyms and Antonyms 
2. check page 154 Match the Meaning --look on Google Classroom under Vocabulary Workshop --see attachment 

English and Reading 
1. watch the Paul Bunyan Folktale I posted on Google Classroom 
2. answer the worksheet that is also posted and turn into me 

Remember your March Book Report Collage . 
Thursday March 26,2020
Precept of the day : Be kind whenever possible . It is always possible -- written by the Dalai Lama . He is the spiritual leader of the Tibetian Buddhists and a symbol of kindness to people all over the world . 

Kindness 101 course : 
Today there were 4 episodes that featured friendship 
1. The elephant -Tara and the dog - Bella 
2. Two girls saying they were twins 
3. Basketball game dedicated to someone 
4. Magical power of a rock 

Use a proper heading and give a title and write a paragraph about one of the stories . Be sure to include what the message of the story was about . 

1. read pages 81-82 about the Last Supper ( chapter 19) 
2. Activity Book page 77 Thy Will Be Done 

Spelling -- page page 102 

Vocabulary Workshop -page 156 Completing the Sentences 

Reading / English 
1. read pages 328-329 in the reader about Cause and Effect 
2. Use your reader to help you do Practice workbook page 74
Friday March 27,2020 --Wow! You made it through the week . Hopefully you have been keeping up with the assignments . 

Precept of the day : As soon as you trust yourself , you will know how to live -- written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He was one of the greatest and most influential German authors of all time. 

Yesterday was the last Kindness course . Tonight on CBS Evening News at 6:30 Steve Hartman  will discuss all the things students have sent in to him. Hope you enjoyed watching the course. 

1. Activity book page 78 called The Acceptance of the Father's Will --a crossword puzzle 

1. Proper heading and lesson 25 title --put your spelling words in alphabetical order 
2. check your work from yesterday page 102 and let me know how many you had correct ( Honor code) Look on Google classroom for answers . 

Vocabulary Workshop 
1. check your work from yesterday page 156 --answers in Google Classroom . Let me know how you did . 

1. Use a proper heading and give a title to the paragraph you are going to write. 
Topic - Pick an object from your pencil case and write a short story from their point of view . This is personification( giving inanimate objects human qualities )  that we had learned in class.  

1. Read from the reader pages 350-351 about Paul Bunyan . I know you watched a video the other day  but read these pages and do page 352 and answer #1,2,3 questions . Turn in your answers with a proper heading and answers that are complete sentences to the questions. 
Week 3 assignments starting on March 30 will from now on be posted on Google Classroom