Athletic Code of Conduct for All Adults and Students

The Catholic schools of the Good Shepherd Parish strives to encourage good sportsmanship throughout our athletic program and this includes good behavior during athletic contests. We expect all players, coaches and spectators at our contests to be respectful of players, coaches, officials and other spectators. 

Fans are encouraged to applaud the efforts of their team and should not engage in any behavior that is critical, distracting or derogatory toward opponents or officials. 

All students and adults involved in our Athletics programs should understand that, as a member of our teams or school, they are representing the school and our Catholic community. All regular school rules of conduct and fairness apply, while home or away. 

  • Treat all visitors to athletic contests both home and away as you would treat guests in your own home; showing good conduct. 
  • Use only cheers that support and uplift all teams. 
  • Use only cheers that support and uplift all teams. 
  • Respect the integrity and support of game officials, coaching staff and fans. 
  • Do not throw any objects of leave litter on or around playing surfaces both at home or away and care for school equipment and uniforms. 
  • Communicate appropriately with coaches and respect their judgment especially when it comes to playing time. 
  • Be a good student and live up to the academic code in order to participate. 
  • If there is a concern, speak to the coach first and then the athletic director. 
  • Students are not allowed to leave a sporting event or practice without letting the coach know, with a parent/guardian or parent’s approved guardian or car pool. 
  • Adhere to all the rules in this handbook including attendance, and academic codes. 

If a student-athlete is ever asked to leave an athletic contest or practice because of improper behavior, he or she will not be permitted to attend the next home contest and will be subject to other, additional penalties commiserate with the infraction and dependent upon the decision of officials, coaching staff or the administration. Such consequences may include reparation for damages as well as being prohibited from play for the remainder of the school year, all subject to the decisions of the Athletic Director in consultation with the Administration of the School.