Who We Support and What We Make

Vanderbilt Cancer Center
Lap quilts & shawls to be used by chemo patients. Quilts should be approximately 36 x 40 inches (no smaller than 30 x 40) and made of soft, machine washable yarn. No wool, please! 

Women's Hospital at Centennial
Premie hats - no larger than would fit over an orange
Newborn hats - should fit over a grapefruit
Crib blankets -  approximatiely 18 x 24 inches
Premie blankets - approximately 14 x 18 inches

Please use soft, machine washable yarn. No wool please!

Baptist Hospital
For adults:  Lap quilts & prayer shawls
For babies: Regular size baby blankets.

A Soldier's Child Birthday Foundation
Hero Blankets in muted shades of red, off-white, and blue. Size approximately 36" by 40".
The crochet pattern for the plaid blanket can be found  in the Lap Quilts folder on our patterns page: Patterns

61st Avenue United Methodist Church
Hats and scarves in any warm material.

Nashville Rescue Mission 
Hats, scarves and gloves

Hats, scarves, blankets - anything we want to send including novelty items which will be sold in their gift shop.

Room in the Inn
Hats, scarves and gloves