Welcome to StitchImage360 Project

Short Overview: 
For this project we will be doing image stitching for videos. We will use Xuggler to convert the video to time frame images,then stitch the images back together using Boofcv. After stitching the images together, we are going to convert it back into a video using Xuggler. Through motivation and devotion, we believe that we can achieve our goals within 10 weeks.

Project Objective: There are many programs that deal with image stitching of photos but mainly of only one scene and event in time. There are only a handful of programs that deals with image stitching videos (ours being one of them) even though the process of doing so is quite similar regular panorama techniques. Our purpose is to combine the techniques used to encode and create video with image stitching techniques seen in panoramic photography today and create a new way to watch video.

Group Collaboration: we will be meeting one to two times each week to go over what each individual member is currently doing and what we need to accomplish in the future.