Gala Entry


This is a question many parents ask so please read carefully how we organise things in order to allow as many swimmers to participate as long as they have the times and to avoid any unnecessary expense. The basic steps in the process are as follows:



  • At the beginning of each session the Programming Group, comprising parent helpers and Coaches prepares the calendar of possible Galas and events for the forthcoming session

  • The schedule of Galas will be circulated to all swimmers (and parents).

  • Swimmers tick their availabillity for galas and hand it back to their coach

  • If a swimmer is only to be entered for some swims this has to be agreed with the coach and clearly communicated on the gala form.

  • If a swimmer can only swim on one of two days this has to be communicated clearly on the gala form.
  • If a swimmer is no longer available on a particular date, they are responsible for informing the Gala convenor before the club closing date for entries otherwise you will need to pay the entry fee. Gala applications are normally made 6 weeks before the actual date of the event.

  • Based on this information the Entries Coordinator will submit applications to the appropriate Galas. Entries are based on availability and if the swimmers have the relevant entry times and according to the headcoaches directions. (Entry times are based on the times recorded at time trials and meets so it is important that swimmers attend these sessions)

  • Once the Entries Coordinator has been informed of successful entries by the Gala organisers, (sometimes entries are not accepted) then these will be posted on the notice board.

  • Each Gala entry involves the payment of a fee. If swimmers have said that they would be available they will be liable to pay the appropriate fees whether they attend the Gala or not. 

  • Entry fees will be payable on receipt of an invoice from the Club Treasurer.

  • On the day of the gala the swimmer must arrive in time for the warm up or clearly communicate in advance, otherwise the coach will withdraw the swimmer allowing reserves to get a swim.

  • If a swimmer wishes to withdraw from a swim during the meet this must be agreed with the coach or other responsible volunteer on the day.  

  • If a swimmer is running late for a meet or needs to withdraw on the day or the eve before a meet, the swimmer should text the gala mobile phone on 07599 281201

  • Please note that the swimmer will be charged the swimming entry fee even if the swimmer has been withdrawn from an event, however it is still important to inform of withdrawals as non withdrawal can result in a fine being levied at the swimmer.

  • Swims are normally priced around £4/swim at graded meets, £4.5 at district and open meets and £8 at national events.

  • Swimmers who are in doubt if they should attend a meet or not should check with their coach for guidance.

  • If you are injured and have to withdraw from meets, you are responsible for informing the gala convenor in writing (per email) with detailto ensure you are not entered into any forthcoming meets.

Henriette Ebbesen Laidlaw,
Aug 27, 2010, 6:06 AM
Henriette Ebbesen Laidlaw,
Oct 7, 2010, 12:39 PM