Bill of Materials:
Flywheel - Aluminum
Mounts - Aluminum
Base Plate - Aluminum
Piston Rod Head - Brass
Other - Mild Steel

Manufacturing Processes:
Flywheel - CNC Machine
Mounts - CNC Machine
Other - Metals lathe


All - High Polish

Design for Manufacturing:
This part will be hard to mass produce. Almost all of the parts will have to be made on a metals lathe. In order for the engine to be as efficient as possible, the tolerances will need to be vary small. This will take longer to produce and the costs will rise.

Design for Assembly:
Assembling this engine will be fairly simple. It will require some welding when connecting the mounts to the base plate as well as connecting the two piston casings together via the connecting tube.


-Finding a semi-easy design in which to take ideas off.

-Due to the time constraints of the class, it is hard for us to find time to work on the construction of the engine as well as our other coursework.

-In terms of fabrication, we are running into problems with the flywheel and the mounts. They need to be created on the CNC machines, but neither of us know how to run them. We were told a class
     would manufacture the parts for us if we were to get them a drawing of the part in a SolidWorks format. The problem with that, is finding the time in order to make the drawings.

-While using the metals lathe, we have run into problems on how to go about machining the part. Since the prototype is also our final project (unless changes are needed), it is difficult to find a
    productive way of producing the part without having to re-create the part multiple times.